Wednesday, September 1, 2010

French the Llama, its a crazy random happenstance!


Tonight I sit here, eating a celery stick....or should I say, my dinner (hooray for classes that go until 9 PM making you not want to eat anything big because its so late at night- never fear I snacked on some Peanut Butter Crunch, I poured it in a baggie and took it to class with me), and I'm taking in all the crazy random happenstances of the day....and FRENCH THE LLAMA there are tons of them!

Have you ever sat at the end of the day and thought about all the crazy random things that end up turning into blessings? I tend to do this a lot. I do it because 1) It keeps me mindful of God's presence in my life every day and 2) I like to say FRENCH THE LLAMA its a crazy random happenstance!(are you following this...I certainly hope so because it makes sense to me...LOL)

When you find yourself faced with things that are too crazy or random or a happenstance (or all three put together), the only possible explanation is that its the Lord's way of tapping you on the nose and saying, "See how much I love you? Silly silly..."

Sometimes I compare this mortal life to being at a really really really really long summer camp, and when we pray, we are writing our "Hello Muddah Hello Faddah" letters to God and our Heavenly Mother with a progress report...the crazy, random, happenstancesical events are the little care packages we receive when we aren't looking (like when parents try to sneak send their kids candy bars and other goodies while they are at camp to remind them how much they love them and that they are thinking of them.)

I would start my crazy random happenstance/french the llama breakdown with this morning, but it started last night...

I was feeling pretty alone last night, my roomies had gone to steak night, I had stayed home because I didn't really want to be spending money on something frivolous like a steak dinner. I was also fighting the urge to randomly drop in on a certain boy that I have been befriending (I want to be adorable...not desperate...LOL) I was fighting the urge and had just left to go get allergy medicine at the grocery store across the street (a necessary buy) when my phone rings...its my relief society president Shannon, and she wants me to come help her with something random.

Her boyfriend has been longing for snow instead of rain (its been rainy here the last few days) and so she decided to cut out paper snowflakes and put them in his room...the trouble was no one was around to help her (hello...steak night...) and she needed an extra set of hands to get it done before he got back to his place from class.. I was like FRENCH THE LLAMA I'm so excited (on the inside) and on the outside I told her I would be there in 10 minutes (the alloted time I would need to get allergy medicine.)

I help her cut snowflakes out, we chat and have some girl talk (something I didn't realize I was missing until I had opportunities for it every day again) we take them over to her boyfriend's apartment, his roomies are there but they let us in (I guess it was a good thing we didn't opt for the cloak and dagger approach, might not have gone off so well) We hang up the snowflakes and part ways because her home teachers are at her house waiting for her. We hug and that's that...I walk back to my apartment, prepared to be alone again with the urge to go visit the new friend of a male persuasion that I want to go see, and lo and behold, my roomie/new bestie Chelsea is home! She doesn't stay long, she wants to go visit her friends in another apartment, but before she leaves she says..."you really should go see ________ tonight." with a devious smile on her face. (P.S. I'm not giving his name for fear of jinxing and posting information about boys that I like on the internets do not have a friendly past relationship. If it becomes more than friendship I promise to let you know, but for now you get blanks...LOL- I know, I'm mean...)

I tell her that it is 10:00 and I shouldn't go over there, but I may come join her later with the other girls. (truth be told I just wanted to take a shower and go to bed, I had fought the urge to go drop in on ______ and won.) Well, I was sitting in my room, debating said shower, when I keep hearing Chelsea from outside my window laughing. I decide to go out and see what the commotion was. On my way down the stairs I pass __________'s apartment. He is sitting at his table right in front of his kitchen window. He waves at me as I prepare to pass...I jokingly try to make up sign language to ask him how his day was...he comes and opens the door and tells me to come in...he keeps telling me how tired and out of it he is, and apologizing between spurts of laughter and conversation, and I keep offering to leave so he can sleep...but he keeps telling me I'm fine and I should stay. One of his roomies was home and would interject in the conversation here and there, and then his other roomie came home and tried to do the same thing...________ and I end up getting into a conversation about our families and how fun it is to be an Auntie/Uncle...I guess his roomies left because somehow we ended up alone.

(I would find out later that his roomies came up to my apartment and asked my roomies if they wanted to go do something so that ____ and I could be alone- I didn't think I was that obvious...but okay...LOL)

I ended up staying at his house until midnight...he kept joking that I said I was going to leave and that I wasn't going to leave...he gave me a cute little "I don't think you have it in you" smirk as I walked to the door... I said, "this is me walking to the door." he smirks. "This is me opening the door." smirk. "This is me leaving...I'm really leaving." Smirk. Finally, his face falls and her realizes I really am leaving, "Well, goodnight then." He says, "Sleep well," I reply trying to put on my best "I'm adorable and you know you want to fall in love with me" smile...(not that it works or anything...LOL)

What I thought was going to be a depressing lonely night turned into a fun filled talk fest. It was great.

I paid for it this morning though...I woke up and felt like I'd been hit by a truck, but I dragged my little keester out of bed and forced myself to greet the day.

Chelsea woke up and popped into my room at the perfect time (just like she always does) we girl talk about the night, of course she opens with, "I thought you weren't going to go visit ________." mischevious grin on her face? Check!

I tell her about what happened, and she replies, "I never thought a girl as cute as you would ever go for a guy like ______." I asked her why she would say that to which she replied, "He is a good guy, and he is sweet but he is kind of nerdy and quiet. I just never would have thought that someone like you would think of him as more than a friend." I then laughed and told her about my penchant for hot nerds...they seem to be a weakness of mine. (Not that ______ is a nerd...okay he kind of is, but in a good way and with all the love that the word "nerd" implies in my vocab, which is a lot considering that I consider myself a HUGE NERD too...) I like boys a little on the nerdy side, I can actually maintain a conversation without having to resort to sports and monster trucks (don't get me wrong, those are fun things but when that becomes all I can talk about with someone it gets a little taxing.)

Well, Chelsea left to shower, and I somehow had more energy. I finished getting cute and went to work up at the box office in the performing arts center. I was worried that I would be bored. I had forgotten my laptop to do the homework I had been planning. It ended up being a crazy random happenstance though..

I was slammed with huge ticket orders for the first hour of my shift (something that had never happened before.) and then, when things had died down, I popped onto facebook for a minute to check things. (Let me say this before you get your panties in a ruffle, we are allowed to be online and do pretty much whatever we want as long as it doesn't impede us helping customers.) An old friend of mine pops on to facebook chat. I haven't talked to him in a good long while, he had been stationed in the south (he's a military man) I think in one of the that is where I expected to find him...well, apparently he has been deployed to Afghanistan for a while now (shows you what a good friend I am) We ended up talking the whole second half of my shift...mostly about random things, he would throw in a soprano joke here or there and for good measure I would throw in a joke about brass players (I met him in the music department at ISU, he played a brass instrument- in case you hadn't figured that part out yet). It was so nice to catch up and find out that he would be in town in about a month. I haven't decided what the crazy random happenstance was was either that I popped on to facebook randomly and got to catch up with this awesome person and wish him well, and know that he needs to be in my prayers double time (all my friends are already in my prayers, but now he gets a few special ones, even a few that were his request- I told him I had a special relationship with the big Man and that I would be able to pull a few strings to help him out)...or the crazy random happenstance was that I didn't have another customer the whole time I talked to him, allowing me to finish the conversation and make sure he was okay and had all he needed. Or, perhaps they were both crazy random happenstances...two care packages in one event, how lucky am I?

______ came over, just when I was thinking about possibly walking past his apartment again to see if he was there...this time he was injured bad news bears...but I had the stuff he needed to dress his wounds and he stayed around to talk until I had to leave to teach and go to class- Earlier in the day, I got an email from the choir director saying that he would be replacing one piece with another, which didn't seem like a crazy random happenstance until I was supposed to teach my first voice lesson of the student ended up being late, which gave me an opportunity to work on my Chamber Choir music. I had just enough time to go over and work out my part on the pieces that were left, if that third piece had been there, I would have not had enough time to get to it. So,I guess I got another 2 for 1 deal. I had just enough time with a student being late ( crazy,random) to get through the music that I thought I wasn't going to have time to get to until after class tonight.

So...sit down loveys...think about your day and you too will find yourself saying , "FRENCH THE LLAMA!!!!! Its a crazy random happenstance! and I couldn't feel more blessed." You should do it anyway...its always good to make sure Mom and Dad know that you are aware that they are sending you care packages, even when they are hidden under the label of crazy, random, or happenstance.

Hugs and loves until next time darlings!

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The High Family- said...

I think I live vicariously through you. My life is not even close to being as exciting as yours. Hope everything works out with______.