Saturday, September 18, 2010

Happiness, Smiles and the case of the mysterious disappearing K

Hello darlings! Have you missed me? I have been meaning to write for a few days, but alas, I have just not had the time...

I got ready to blog this morning and I realized that for some reason I have to hit the K button on my keyboard really really hard to get it to work. I have been racking my brain trying to figure out why this is going on. Its making typing not so much fun....I type really really fast...well I guess really really fast is a subjective term. Let's just say, I've always passed every typing test I've ever taken with flying colors and having a missing letter (or a letter that isn't cooperating) on my keyboard forces me to slow down...

Then again, maybe this is a good thing....

This is probably a good thing because I am so happy I keep waiting to wake up and realize that everything has been a dream.

Yes, I still have life's stresses to deal with, but lately I just haven't cared because I know that no matter how bad the day is, I always will have one bright spot...

His name is ___________ and I am hopelessly, madly, crazy for him.

I know, you're all thinking- Wait just a cotton picking minute here...weren't you just blogging about how frustrated you were about being confused because of ______?

Well, all I can say is that, I am happy that I didn't let my confused state bring me down! The reward is that I am so crazy happy I keep waiting for something to happen to spoil it...

Yes, I try to push these thoughts aside. I allow myself to think only about happy things. I focus on completing the tasks at hand and then, when they are done, I wait for __________ to be done with his tasks (________ is brilliant by the way, but struggling slightly with his Advanced Digital Theory class...he studies a lot, but that is one thing I love about him. He loves to learn and does everything he can to make sure he is gleaning all he can out of every opportunity to learn and grow). Once _____ and I are together, nothing else matters.

Lately, I find myself super excited at the anticipation of when I will see him next. I also have an excuse to be more domestic and cook delicious things for him to devour (he's a tall drink of water with a hollow leg, and he loves my cooking...or so he says, so I choose to believe him and I keep cooking...LOL)

He also doesn't like television. Which I actually love about him. We find other things to do, things that are a lot more interesting and creative. Sure, we sit and watch the occasional movie when we want to be together but we are both too tired to think of anything else to do, but for the most part, we find other things to occupy our time...

We have been learning little things that we have in common. For example, we both like to doodle (he's far better than I am- his little characters are the coolest thing on the planet.) So, in the spirit of finding something to do that we both like, last night, for instance, we sat down in my living room drew this:

I wish you all could see it closer, the picture doesn't do it justice. He first drew the coolest stick figure-esque cowboy, ready for a gun fight...I responded by drawing a giant turtle ready to step on him and squash him like a bug. The rest of the drawings are silly little viniets revolving around the situation of a giant turtle...I have to say my favorite is a pair of missionaries that __________ drew. One is looking up bug eyed at the giant turtle, the other is holding a camera saying the words "No one at home will ever believe this!" I laughed when he finished it. It was so random, and his randomness is one of the many things I love about him that makes him so great. I think his favorite thing I drew (and I'm just going by his reaction last night, so I could be wrong) is an evil deer saying the words " Muahahahaha! Operation "Bambi's Revenge" is going perfectly! They didn't know what hit 'em!" He laughed when I drew it, said his signature phrase, "Oh my..." with that perfect smile of glee, and then proceeded to draw a hunter's arms and legs squished under one of the giant turtle's feet, his rifle laying between the turtle's legs and the word, "Ouch" next to it... We had some good laughs.

Today we are going to the temple together. We went together last week on Thursday and we are going again today. I can't wait. I love that a) I have a temple buddy and b) that temple buddy is HIM!

Its so crazy how fast you can connect with someone. Its even crazier how fast you can make the decision that you are in love...all I can say is I am grateful for insanity. I love him so much, and after the almost month that we've known eachother, I find myself wondering how I ever got along without him.

I find myself counting his smiles...they help me read his mind...

Smile #1) Is a big toothy grin, this is usually reserved for when something really makes him laugh or he finds something really funny and is trying not to laugh.

Smile #2) A special smile he gives when we are snuggled up together.

Smile #3) A half smile that I see when he is looking into my eyes.

Smile #4) His sinister smile...I see this one a lot, its usually accompanied with his signature "Oh my..." and he giggles. I know he's thinking something, he simply tells me that I will find out soon enough, because he is a schemer...I still don't know what it means, but its still adorable when he does it.

Smile #5)A half smile, coupled with a face, and a special sound (always the same sound, I don't know how its possible, but it always sounds the same!) that he makes when he finally understands something he didn't get. This usually occurs when I am helping him study and something he has been trying to wrap his head around finally makes sense. I love those moments...he has such a joy for learning and is thoroughly pleased when he is successful in his quest.

Smile #6) A reverent smile. I see this smile when we are talking about church doctrine, or when we are sharing childhood memories, the kind of memories that almost make the moment seem sacred.

Smile #7) The smile I see when he watches me walk into a room.

Smile #9) A big toothy grin that starts as a half smile when he tells me he loves me...

and Smile #10) This one is a new smile, I just saw it for the first time today. Its a toothy grin mixed with surprise. This smile occurs when I walk into a room and he is so focused that he doesn't notice until I touch his shoulder...

I know...pathetic...but I love to study people's faces. I love to study his face in particular. I think body language can be a powerful communication tool if you take enough time to really examine someone.

Well...coming back full circle..maybe my K key is giving me problems because I need to slow down, enjoy these moments and smiles, and stop worrying about little things that stress me out. Chances are, no matter what the stress, I will tell _________ he can give me a great big hug, hold me close, tell me that I am amazing and I can do anything, and in that moment, I will believe him and be able to move forward to face the day (or the next day, considering that given our schedules, most of our time together is in the evening.) Or, we will start talking (because we are very good at maintaining intelligent conversation without resorting to sports scores or the weather) and I will be laughing so hard that I forget what was stressing me out in the first place.

Bottom line, he is pretty much amazing and I am pretty much the luckiest girl on the planet. Here's hoping I continue to be the luckiest girl on the planet for a very long time. He's a keeper, that's for sure!

Hugs and loves until next time darlings!

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Rebecca said...

So excited for you! Yay for love and yay that you found it! Keep us posted with all the details!