Saturday, December 8, 2007

The end of the Thanksgiving Break Crazies...atleast I think so...

Finally, a picture of Joe Smiling! However, it isn't hard to smile when you have a daughter as adorable as RayRay!
Amber's Angels...doesn't Addi look like a human Minnie Mouse? Macee and Austin look soooo cute!

Ladies and gentlemen, the antics of Uncle Justin! First we see him and his fabulous family! Lanae and Lane are too cute! Then we see him getting up close and personal with Raylee as she and Kiersten strike a pose.

Austin gets strawberry happy!(I wish I could have gotten his strawberry dance on was priceless... he is so much like his uncle at that age its frightening...)

Ahh the happy couple!

So....I found all my pics of Aaron and Holly's open house wedding reception in Idaho Falls, along with a video that was too fun not to share. Aaron discovered as he mingled with the various people that came to wish him and his new bride well that Addi didn't appreciate a game of follow the leader....however, between you all and me, I think Addi ate it up and actually enjoyed the extra attention from her uncle- especially because it was his big day and very few people were paying attention to her.

More Thanksgiving Break Insanity

Here is a video of Addi that was too cute to keep to myself. Addi is dancing at our Karaoke party!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Crazy Thanksgiving!!!!

Well y'all, sorry its been a while since I've blogged. I've been a busy bee! Its all a downhill slope to finals and I have had a lot to do since I'm not only a student, I'm also a teacher! It seems like everyone is wanting a piece of the diva right now...but I'm managing. I just finished writing a book critique and a 15 minute presentation on the said book...yea for voice pedagogy....yea for grad school...yea for music classes nonstop!...

Well, I thought I would tell you all about my Thanksgiving break.
Thanksgiving came and went without a hitch. My boyfriend arrived safely on Wednesdayfrom Houston and we were connected at the hip the whole time he was was lovely!

Thanksgiving day was crazy...dinner was an hour late and would have been later if Seth hadn't pitched in to help...I felt so bad that he was helping, he was supposed to be a guest, but everyone seemed to be doing their own thing and didn't mind that dinner was going to be super late...I've decided that for Christmas dinner I am assigning the sides. I am going to make the Prime Rib and the pies (Strawberries and Cream Cheesecake and Razzleberry) but everything else will be assigned...everyone is married now but me, and I may not always be around to make sure traditions happen. I have complete confidence however that with a little extra tuteladge Amber will be able to take over the madness(just kidding, she could do it now if I let her...) Besides, what good is a top secret turkey and prime rib recipe if you don't share it with atleast one person, right?

On Thursday night Aaron and Holly came to the apartment that Seth and I were staying in (there were 2 bedrooms!) and asked if we wanted to go see a movie...Holly has a family tradition that they see a Christmas movie on Thanksgiving Day and wanted to carry it on. We ran into Amber at the Wal*Mart parking lot when we took Aaron and Holly to get some cash (they just got married and switched to a joint banking account and had yet to get new debit cards...) Amber begged and pleaded her cause for Black Friday help...Seth, a Black Friday Virgin, agreed to go- we planned to meet up at Wally World at 4 AM....! We then went and saw "Fred Claus" which was cute! However, I had a migraine through half the movie and was ready to toss my cookies by the time we left. Seth sensed a disturbance in the force as we drove up through Ammon and into the hills to look at the city lights. He rushed in with his white charger and saved the day! He took me home and put me to bed. He stroked my hair and massaged my head until I fell asleep...awwwww....
We had some extra special fun on Friday. We went Black Friday shopping with Amber and her friend Ashley we got up at 3 AM and debated if we really wanted to go and at 3:45 we both decided that we siad we'd go so we should, so merrily (and slowly) rolled onward and upward for our 4AM meeting time...there was a minor catastrophe and Ashley ended up going to the it wasn't from the shopping, and she is fine- no letters of concern, please... We all went to IHOP for breakfast after we conquered Wal* Mart...Amber managed to get most of her shopping done there (yea for price matching) but Seth and I were completely exhausted. We swore to each other that if we get married and have kids we WON'T get into the Black Friday craze...he was a Black Friday virgin and Amber put him in electronics...electronics at Wal*Mart is not exactly an easy feat for a first timer to Black Friday, but Seth managed it masterfully! I posted a few of our IHOP pics...I managed to pick up a digital camera in the midst of the insanity (actually Amber bought it since I didn't bring my purse and she still owed me some money, I wrote her a check for the difference)
On Friday night we went to Amber's house for a sibling date night. After a delicious din din of stroganoff covered baked potatoes we sang Karaoke...I have to say the highlight of the night was Aaron's rendition of "You make me feel like a natural woman" (as you can see from the pic he was totally feeling like a natural woman by the end of the song...) and his ever popular impersonation of the chinese guys from A Christmas Story singing "Deck the Halls" or should I say "Deck the Hawrs.." The kids ate it up! It was awesome to watch them dance around. It was the best, they were so cute...they even sang a rendition of "It isn't any trouble to S-M-I-L-E" super adorable...Austin is such a stage hog! He takes after his auntie

After Karaoke we played Catch Phrase and the Boys got all huffy cuz they lost both times. The first time we decided to give them a redo because some of the rules weren't clear...but when we rematched we still kicked some butt! It was the best...boys are such sore losers.
Seth and I stayed at Amber's house until 12:30 and she asked him some tough questions...which I'm glad for...really, I am. We had such a great time, I hope we get to have a chance to do it again. I wish Kiersten and Joe could have stayed beyond dinner, it would have been fun to see Joe bust loose on Karaoke..I bet he's a paaaarty animal! And Kiersten and I missed our yearly opportunity to serenade someone with "She's my kind of rain" I think this year it would have been Holly's turn to recieve a special dedication, but no luck since Kiersty poo left!

Seth left on Saturday morning...I started to cry in the morning a little, he wiped my tears and spent extra time with me that he should have spent getting ready. He told me I had 5 minutes to miss him and every time I cried I was eating up the time...When he finally started his car, he opened the door to the backseat. We both got in the back and talked and said goodbye as we waited for the car to warm-up. Once he left, you can bet that I fully used the last of the 5 minutes I had left...I went into my parents apartment and cried my guts out...almost literally, it felt like my guts were going to come out...but I was a good girl, I only cried for 3 minutes and decided to try to buck up... I went to the computer and started a new countdown until I get to see him on facebook and myspace...but it seems like this countdown is taking a lot longer than the other one...oh well...c'est la vie...I will be in Houston on December 26th, it can't come soon enough.

Saturday we went to Leo's Pizza for a Winberg family reunion. We don't get together often with my real dad's family, but when we do it is always a blast (the pictures of Addi with pizza face and my family say it all!) Everyone was asking me about grad school and what I've been up to and they all said how proud they were of helped so much to hear that, it made me feel like my dad would be proud of me too if he were here... that night was Aaron and Holly's open house. I did Holly's hair and her mom said that she liked it better than she had liked it on Holly's wedding day, which made me feel so good- yep, I still got it when it comes to hair and makeup! We got to see family and have a good time chatting before and during the open was a good day! I saw Brother Barnes, one of my old Pocatello Institute teachers and he kept gushing about how fabulous I looked...he said grad school has done me a world of good...I didn't know I looked that bad before...(I joke, I joke!)

Well, its late...those are the major events of the week, it was nice to see everyone and I am looking forward to next week and coming home for a month long break (well a week of that break will be spent in Houston with Seth and his family, which I'm super excited about! Don't worry, I'll take pictures!)

Hugs and Kisses until next time!