Friday, April 3, 2009

Pre Easter fun!

Well all...I know its been a little while. I've been on Spring Break...I think mother nature missed the memo because we got about 6 inches of snow this morning....the wet heavy kind that you make snowmen out that could be the silver lining, but I'd rather have warm weather. Oh well!

I kicked off Spring Break with a bang, getting diagnosed with Stage 1 Pneumonia the week before. Entirely my fault, between The Savior of the World production and school I was really over working myself to get things done before I left Missoula for a break....

I drove home with my codeine infused cough syrup and antibiotics for a little TLC, but didn't have much time to rest. Amber and Kelly went to SLC for a Jazz game and I had already agreed to watch their kids. Thank heavens that her kids are good for me and will pretty much do whatever I ask them to do when I ask them to do it, or it could have been a problem...I also was fortunate enough to have an awesome mother who was willing to help.

Aaron and Holly were in town for the weekend too. We all got to kiss and cuddle baby Kairi while she was here and the cousins all got to play with eachother. Its so fun when the whole family is around!

On Sunday the storms started roaming over our sleepy little valleys...but mom and dad persevered and went to Blackfoot to get Grandma Peterson to enjoy a pre-Easter dinner with the family. We figured we might as well celebrate since everyone was in town! Below is a slide show of the fun. We did an Easter Egg and Basket hunt with the kids. In spite of the snow, everyone had a blast and everyone enjoyed my Chicken Cordon Bleu with cream sauce...which I haven't made in forever. Needless to say, my pneumonia ridden lungs were about shot by the end of the weekend, but it was worth getting a little more sick over.

I love my family, I miss them when I'm away. It was nice to be together!

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