Saturday, August 23, 2008

Lazy Crazy Hazy Days of Summer...

Yooo hallloooooo!

I know, you all probably thought that I was gone for good- here are a few scenarios for why I might disappear that I came up with, you can pick which one you like best...

A) I died in a heroic attempt to save a kitten from the very tip top of a 100 ft tree.
B) I went on a scuba diving excursion in the Carribean to find buried treasure and I got lost in the Bermuda Triangle
C) I decided to try and climb Mt.Everest and I got eaten by an Abominable Snow Man
D) Brittany Winberg was my reassigned name by the FBI- I'm in the witness protection program and they had to relocate me.
E) I finally got to go to Italy and I fell off a gondola in Venice- I'm a strong swimmer but so was the giant sea monster that lives in the canals...
F) I went on a cruise and was kidnapped by pirates and one of them bore a remarkable resemblance to Orlando Bloom...
G) I got so righteous that God finally decided I'd had enough trial and torment and decided to translate me! HOOORAY!!!!!!!
H) I found a port key and when I touched it I was pulled into the world of Harry Potter, apparently I was a wizard all along and now I'm back with "my people"
G) I decided to walk to Amber's house on a warm summer night and in the process I was being followed...that Vampire didn't stand a chance against me- Brittany the Vampire Slayer, and now I am training in a secret location with my watcher.

The list could go through our entire alphabet and into Roman numerals...I have a million of 'em! However, the real reason I haven't written in so long, is that there really isn't much to write about. Believe it or not folks, my life is pretty boring.

SO.... here is what is new since I last wrote...
A) I went back to Montana. I moved into my new apartment and escaped the clutches of the evil Alpha Real Estate crew...a word of advice for anyone looking to rent an apartment in Missoula- Never, never, NEVER rent from them. They are super nice when you sign the lease, but they are not so nice when you move in and there is no grace period with the rent. Its due the first,but they'll start calling you on the second if they don't have it, and they'll keep calling you and being mean to you until its there, even if you sent a check in the mail and it should have been there on the first, they don't care!

Needless to say, its nice to be in an on campus apartment where the landlords are nice and all of the staff is amazing! KUDOS to you Lewis and Clark Village, I love you!

B) I've written my syllabi for the classes I teach and I sat in on auditions. Now, all I have to do is wait for school to start on Monday August 25.

C) My friends had a welcome back party for me last night. I played guitar hero and I'm hoarse! I was still recovering, we went to an Osprey game (*that's baseball folks) and decided to be the most annoying fans in the stadium- I was already hoarse from yelling "PEANUTS" for half an hour without the satisfaction of a single free rude! I sang in my heavy metal voice last night get the idea.

D) I am writing a novel...its a Jane Austen inspired work of fiction. My goal is to have it finished and submitted to publishers by Christmas, but we'll see how that goes once school starts. If any of you want to know about it, ask my sister Amber, she is already hooked! Which reminds me, I need to send her the rest of what I've written since the last email...hmmmm...

Well Hugs and Loves all. Hang in there, its almost Autumn time and all the cool and exciting stuff happens in Autumn!(Hey I was born, enough said!)