Saturday, December 8, 2007

The end of the Thanksgiving Break Crazies...atleast I think so...

Finally, a picture of Joe Smiling! However, it isn't hard to smile when you have a daughter as adorable as RayRay!
Amber's Angels...doesn't Addi look like a human Minnie Mouse? Macee and Austin look soooo cute!

Ladies and gentlemen, the antics of Uncle Justin! First we see him and his fabulous family! Lanae and Lane are too cute! Then we see him getting up close and personal with Raylee as she and Kiersten strike a pose.

Austin gets strawberry happy!(I wish I could have gotten his strawberry dance on was priceless... he is so much like his uncle at that age its frightening...)

Ahh the happy couple!

So....I found all my pics of Aaron and Holly's open house wedding reception in Idaho Falls, along with a video that was too fun not to share. Aaron discovered as he mingled with the various people that came to wish him and his new bride well that Addi didn't appreciate a game of follow the leader....however, between you all and me, I think Addi ate it up and actually enjoyed the extra attention from her uncle- especially because it was his big day and very few people were paying attention to her.

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