Sunday, September 26, 2010

Anxiously Engaged...Engaged being the operative word...


This is me....and that guy squishing his nose in a cute way up against mine? That's Jeff...and I can't get enough of him...

So...knowing that much, you can read the rest now and commence with all the jumping up and down, whooting, hollering, and general rejoicing that will occur (or atleast it had BETTER!)

Details will follow later ( I will tell the story and all that jazz) but I just wanted to announce for all those of you who follow my blog that may not be my friends on facebook that I am engaged. He totally surprised me and proposed on Wednesday night (09/22) up at the ISU pillars (I had no clue he was going I said, details will come later as its late and I have to be up early tomorrow morning...)

I feel so shocked, blessed, happy, surprised....and loved...most of all I feel loved...

I am so lucky. I get to marry one of the most amazing men on the face of the planet and he loves me so much...and he never lets me forget it.

We have scheduled our sealing for the Idaho Falls Temple on November 20.

Never fear...we got the biggest sealing room they have, so we can likely accomodate many friends and not just family members that hold a current temple recommend on the big day.

We will also be having a ring ceremony and a reception that evening at the Idaho Falls church on Lincoln road. Its gonna be a parrrrrtayyyyy so you definitely want to be there. (come on, all the cool kids are doing it....) If you're not my friend on facebook, you can either request and send me your addresses that way, or you can email me your addresses to:

The best part? So far, he has wanted to be involved in every aspect of planning the wedding, which is super exciting! Its his day too, and it helps us both be excited and me be a whole lot less stressed knowing I already have a partner to complain to when things get tough.

Jeffry...I love you! I can't wait to be your wife! (swish it around in your mouth a little bit...see how it tastes, see how it feels...I bet you love it! - I know I do!)

Hugs, loves (AND DETAILS) until next time darlings!

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Tenise said...

Congratulations!!! I'm so happy for you guys I could sing. (And I don't sing well... haha.) He's a lucky guy, and it sounds like you're a lucky girl too. Congratulations again, and I can't wait to hear the engagement story!