Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Healthier Me: Weeks 3 + 4 Roundup

Well... I wasn't really on the ball this week, so I didn't manage to write a post for week 3, and since this week has been very much the same as last week I decided that in the interest of saving time, and being honest, I would go ahead and write two weeks in one.

Last week I ended up getting the stomach flu on Tuesday... I was pretty  much dead to the world all week. I only managed to get one day of exercise in. Progress continued, in spite of all this.  My measurements are now 39-34-42...still a far cry from where they were pre-pregnancy, but considering that baby #2 is on the way and will likely spoil my efforts I'm not going to get too hard on myself. As long as I'm trying, that is all that matters.  I am bound and determined that pregnancy #2 is going to be much more "fit" than pregnancy #1...

Unfortunately, all the bound and determined mindedness wasn't going to help me this week. I don't know what it is, but since my bout with the stomach flu last week, my morning sickness has gotten 10 times worse than it ever was with Faith....we're talking so bad that I struggle to get out of bed in the morning. I usually will lay in my room (little diva cooperating, that is) until 10 or 11 in the morning. I didn't work out once last week. I tried to make up for it. When I vacuumed on Wednesday, I did lunges as I pushed and pulled the vacuum, and I tried to be extra super good about my diet...which wasn't hard considering that if I did eat at all it wasn't much, and there were a few meals that I had to substitute a fruit smoothie made with orange juice and frozen fruit (quite a few) because I felt like the only thing I'd be able to keep down was liquid.

My older sister suggested that the flu may have left me with an electrolyte imbalance. I admit that I do feel a little better when I have a Gatorade or two to suck back, but we ran out of Gatorade all too soon. Our goal for today is to see if we can find the powder mix for Gatorade or Powerade in one of the grocery stores here.  We already know that Target doesn't carry it, but that doesn't mean that Walmart, Albertsons, or Smiths won't too.

Hopefully, as I start to get my electrolytes back in line I will feel like I can actually stand up and do something. For now, I will focus on trying to do little things, like keep my water intake up and do squats and lunges when I feel remotely up to it.

We're near the end of week 4 and measurements stand still at 39-34-42.  Hopefully I will have a doctor's appointment soon so I can attach a number to the measurements. I'm not sure if I'd post that number here, maybe I should (for the interest of full disclosure).

Here's hoping I can keep weight gain with this pregnancy waaaaaay down.  I gained 50 pounds with Faith and still had 25-30 to lose when I started this journey. I will do everything I can to stay on a healthy diet to try to keep the number of pounds gained to 25 or below. If I don't, at least I know that I have done all that I can do to try to stay healthy and keep myself on track for a healthy pregnancy, delivery, and after birth experience.

Hugs and Loves until next time darlings!

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The Webber's said...

Typically if you have excess weight to lose before pregnancy you won't gain as much...but each pregnancy is different! Don't be too hard on yourself with long as you're exercising/walking regularly you should be stronger no matter what the scale says. I passed out with both my girls and felt terrible for a while after/during having the stomach flu. It'll pass...the longest it can last is 9 months right :)