Wednesday, February 15, 2012


We started off the morning with more frustration as I attempted to get the videos of my makeup tutorial to load up to Youtube...why was it so easy to load when I was trying to load it all as one video, only to find out that it was too long (after I'd waited like 45 minutes for it to upload...hooray)  I'm still no closer...sorry guys. I get close, but then my husband asks me to cancel it so he can have bandwidth to play Modern Warfare 3...and because I love him so darn much, and its only 45% uploaded (usually that's about where I get) I relent and cancel...

I WILL get the tutorial up and running if its the last thing I do!  Especially because I'd like to do gives me something to look forward to when I'm bored.  I'm really bummed I couldn't get it up before Valentine's Day, y'all would have been looking super hot with your vintage vixen makeup for your hot dates...

Alas...I relent...

After giving up on Youtube...Faith and I decided to do a photoshoot for her online dating know, she's getting up there in age- almost 4 months old...she's single and ready to mingle everyone!

Here's what we came up with:

Hi there! So often in this life we're told to "hold on to faith." Well, what if you had the opportunity to literally do that...because you could hold on to me...and my name is Faith!  I enjoy tummy time, my ba-ba, singing to my mobile friends, smiling, and playing "Point to the Parts of the Face" with my mommy.
I do a great "Super Grover" impersonation (as you can see), and love Elmo!  I'm looking for someone to babble with, as my mommy insists that I am a great "conversationalist" (whatever that means...but she always says it when I start making sounds and mimicking the way her mouth moves- Does anyone else think this learning to talk thing is tough?)
So, if you think you could be the baby for me, just have your mom call my mom.  I think a playdate would definitely be in order...Happy Valentine's Day...

After we finished her profile, I started making these bad boys...a part of  Jeff's Valentine's present...they were super easy to make, and Jeff got a kick out of them when he found them ( I don't think he thought I was serious about them...hmmm) I think the picture is pretty self-explanatory as to what they are...

Then I set up a "Love Hunt" the idea was courtesy of "the Dating Divas".  You can read the entry and find the downloads for it here.  For those of you who don't want to follow the link to figure out what a love hunt is, I'll give you the short version: Its basically a scavenger hunt where your husband has to go find clues in succession, but before he gets to read the new clue, he has to complete the task that you attach to the top. For example, one of the tasks (and my favorite) was that Jeff had to slow dance with me to our song.  Jeff always laughs when I ask him to dance with me, but he always gives in because I think he knows that I think its the most romantic way to spend time together...Believe me, dancing together last night did NOT disappoint. I couldn't get our song to work on my iTunes on my computer and he went ahead and found it on Youtube so we could dance to it. (For those of you wondering, our song is "I Cross My Heart" by George Strait... it was the first song we ever danced the living room of his apartment at the Collegiate Inn...he laughed and thought I was silly when I asked him to dance then too...LOL)

I happened to leave my little morning crafting excursion with the last task and clue, with a little note to make the rest of my evening's plans work.
After the Love Hunt was all set up, I went about cutting out tons of scrapbook paper hearts for my decorations with a desperate speed! (I was running out of time, and I needed to get myself ready still!) In spite of my rush...I think things turned out pretty well...what do y'all think?
I realized after our shopping excursion on Monday that I had forgotten toothpicks...which happen to be a crucial part of making Filet Mignon...which was what Jeff said had gotten his attention when I was naming things I could make for Valentine's Day. I texted Jeff and told him to pick some up on his way home from work, along with some sparkling cider of some variety (a necessity for one of the tasks for the Love Hunt). I also told him to warn me when he was on his way home from the store...the original plan was to draw him a bubble bath so he could soak while I made dinner, but the Little Diva wasn't cooperating...she chose Valentine's Day to turn into the Teething Monster x100! She wouldn't let me put her down, if I did, she screamed...she wouldn't take a nap...she just wanted to be up in my lap.  I managed to get her down to sleep long enough so that I could watch this Youtube video and transform myself into THIS:

Behold the 2012 Modern Vintage Bombshell!
(I did change some of the colors on the makeup. I didn't want to do a red lip, and I didn't have as dark a "coppery" color for the eyeshadow and ended up using gold instead, but I think I looked pretty darn good.)

Then...little miss grumpy pants (AKA Little Diva) woke up and decided to scream until I picked her up. Daddy called about then, and so we sat and waited, (daddy's bath was sadly not going to be an option because someone had to hold the Princess while mamma cooked dinner) looking like this:

Sorry...I didn't manage to get any pictures with My Man last night. Between trying to get baby to sleep and trying to get the festivities underway it just didn't happen. I will say that it was a lovely night and was enjoyed thoroughly- especially because last year we didn't get to celebrate it because Jeff had an evening class. 

Its soooo crazy to think how fast time has flown.  Last year at Valentine's Day, I wasn't even pregnant yet (or if I was, I didn't know it). This year,we have a baby and another one on the way.  It just goes to show how fast this life passes us by. I hope that, single, dating or married, you spent some time with people you care about, whether they be friends, family, or a spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend.  Cherish every little moment, you may look back and wish you'd paid a bit more attention.

Hugs and loves until next time darlings!

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