Monday, August 1, 2011

What happpened to July?!?!?!

Well, here we are on August 1st.

My only question is: What happened to July?

Everyone told me that the last 2 trimesters of pregnancy go super slow- but for me that has not been the case. Its like all of a sudden I woke up and I was 6 months and 1 week pregnant (25 weeks for those of you who like people to say it in weeks.)

All of a sudden, I'm faced with other realities- the reality 0f my husband returning to school and me not returning to school. I am sad to think about how much I'm going to miss all my friends. I am going to miss singing and music- but the truth is I know that physically I don't think my body could have handled a semester of school while being in the third trimester. I'm hoping that I can find other things to keep me occupied (things like teaching voice lessons)

I'm hoping to scare up at least 10 students but I will be happier if I can manage more. I am fortunate to have a friend who is moving out of the area who has referred her students to me and another individual- allowing them to choose who they like better- but so far I only have 3 potential students. I hope I can manage more than that. It will give me more to focus on than growing a baby- don't get me wrong, growing a baby is actually a pretty tough job, but I am sick of sitting home all day with nothing to do. The sad reality is that even though I am highly qualified for many of the jobs around here I have 3 strikes: 1- I have a master's degree and have been told by potential employers in the past that it either over qualifies me or they don't believe it would be fair to hire me because they can't pay me what I'm worth 2- I'm pregnant- nobody wants to hire someone that they will have to let go in a few months after they have a baby, and 3- they want a year commitment, which is something I just can't do. Jeff graduates in December, so who knows where we will end up having to move and also Jeff and I have discussed it the situation and made the decision that we both feel its important for there to be one parent in the home. Neither of us want a daycare facility raising our children. (Having said that, let me give a little disclaimer: we have nothing against people that choose to work and send their kids to daycare. Sometimes the situation you're in calls for it, and there is no shame in that. We have just opted to choose to give up some of the luxuries of life in order for there to be a parent in the home)

So, this leaves me with teaching voice- nannying for my older sister once in a blue moon when she is at work- teaching preschool for my niece- and possibly substitute teaching (that is, if I can get the interviewer to take a woman who is 6 months pregnant seriously)

In the meantime, I think I may have an idea where July fact July may have went to something else that can bring a little money into the house...

Introducing Brittany Boo Designs (or- How I spent the entire month of July)Here is everything I made (minus a few pairs of ballet slippers I made for my nieces)

The kitty cat hat (Tabby Boo). It took me 3 hours to make up a pattern for the ears so that they didn't look too circular.

The Puppy Boo- I'm not sure about this one. I'm thinking I will make another one without the face and with longer ears to see how I like it.

Cutie Boo with two detachable flowers. I've had a lot of fun making flowers.

The Bugga Boo with matching booties. (The flower on this one detaches too. I am giving most of the hats to my sister in exchange for my newborn pictures. I will likely keep the Cutie Boo and these booties)

Last but not least are the things I've made so far for her blessing. I definitely won't be giving these to my sister. The picture doesn't do them justice. The little booties are ballet style slippers. The ribbon will wrap up around her legs and tie in a bow. I still have to make a white petticoat skirt to go with this and we will likely just put a white onesie underneath all of it.

So friends...what do you think? Do you think I could start making stuff to sell, or should I work on improving my skills a little more? Be honest darlings- it won't hurt my feelings. All I know is I am having a definitely helps to pass the time (hopefully it won't be all I have to do once Jeff goes back to school...LOL...but if it is maybe having some special orders and building a stock pile will help pass the time...ha ha)

Hugs and little baby kicks (my new favorite thing) until next time darlings!


Andy's Mom said...

Her blessing outfit is beyond beautiful. I never knew you were talented like that! :)

ekharris said...

I think you could absolutely make some good money with your knitting. A suggestion would be to get into the knit headbands that have detachable and interchangeable flowers. Those are HUGE at my school and singles ward! I think you could make some good money off of those too. Good luck babe.