Monday, August 29, 2011

Back to School Brittanyboo


Things have been crazy around here- in some good ways and in some bad ways-

Jeff started into school again on Monday...he also finally went to see a doctor about some issues he'd been having with his stomach. Unfortunately, he found out he has a bacteria in his stomach that is causing him to be sick...fortunately, its treatable...the downside- the medications that they put him on to treat it will make him more sick that he was originally feeling for a little while until stuff balances itself out.

So, poor Jeff has been dealing the best way he can with nausea and hunger pangs and not knowing which to go with (to eat or not to eat- that has been his question...)

He was feeling so icky by Friday that he finally gave in and stayed home from school (probably not the best scenario for the first week, but he definitely needed the rest.) We are very blessed that he has some good friends in his class that were willing to help him out. One friend records all the lectures on video and another one copied the videos and brought them here for Jeff so he wouldn't miss out on lecture. He has a test on Tuesday, so he gets to spend some time studying tonight. He decided he will likely get copies of all the lectures from a friend and listen to them on the way to and from school (the 45 minute commute can get pretty tedious. I'm glad he's finding productive things to do early on.)

I spent the weekend working on my first commission....did I tell you I started a business? I did! I make crocheted cuteness for people of all ages, and pretty soon I will start posting pictures of my jewelery and hairbows too. You can read all about it on my store blog Brittanyboo Designs (see, I'm even all fancy with the link....LOL) Pictures of my very first commission can be seen on Facebook, and I'm even fancy enough to have a Facebook page devoted to my cuties- you can view that here. (if you have problems viewing the links just look up Brittanyboo Designs on Facebook)


I also start into a full week of teaching voice. I have 6 1/2 students (I say half because I have one student who only wants to take 2 lessons a month.) I'm hoping to pin down some more- which reminds me, I need to update my flier and get it into the hands of the choir teachers around here. I also know I need to post myself as a teacher at Chesbro's...My goal is to have atleast 10. We will have enough money to pay bills with the money I'm currently going to be making, but I will feel a lot better if I can get a few more students to fill out my schedule.

How am I going to teach voice with a baby you may be asking? Well, I've been doing it so far with trial lessons...I figure that once Miss McMonkey McBean gets here I will take off the 2-3 weeks recommended so that her immunity can be where it needs to be, and make sure parents and students alike know that if they are sick and not on antibiotics it will be best to cancel their lesson for the day. I'm also hoping that I can see in that 2-3 weeks what kind of schedule she wants to be on- after I have that figured out, the plan is to shuffle students (if I have to ) to accommodate feeding schedules, changing schedules, etc.)

I know, any of you reading this that may have had a baby are probably laughing your heads off and thinking I'm crazy...and I probably am- but if you don't have a plan, what is there to change? Life is no fun if you aren't running around like a chicken with your head cut off, right?

As far as preschool is concerned,

We had a good day until Raylee fell off the table (she was being monkeylike in spite of my best efforts to tell her not to be). She cried for about 10 minutes insisting she wanted to go home, so she left about 30 minutes early...the funny thing is, after all her insisting that she wanted to go home, she cried because she wanted to stay and keep learning... some days you just can't win.

We learned about the food pyramid (or should I say food plate) today. We talked about what the suggested servings were of each thing on the plate and what types of foods fell into the categories (ie fruits, veggies, protein, grains, and dairy) She had a lot of fun learning it. We also learned about what the word "twin" means, and found matching things on various worksheets. We worked on our number 2's for a while and then for arts and crafts we made funny faces with some cutouts I found online and did a color by number worksheet (one of her most favorite things on the planet. She LOVES them. I help her see what color each number is supposed to be, she finds the numbers and colors the sections appropriately.) We were going to work some more on our handwriting and then we were going to make a pie for dinner tonight- but alas, things were cut short.

I have to say that once my baby gets here I am worried about missing this time with Raylee. Its fun to be able to devote my undivided attention to her. I can see in her smile how much she values and cherishes the time we spend together. I know she feels pretty special knowing that she is my only student and I am her teacher. Yes, it does take a lot of patience some days, but I am learning so much from her. I often wonder what my baby will be like when she gets to Raylee's age. All I can say is, I hope she is just as smart and wonderful. Raylee loves to learn, she struggles because she wants to know everything right now, and she wants to be perfect the first time- but slowly she is learning to be patient. Its so cute to watch her start to get frustrated, then she takes a deep breath, and in her cute little voice she says, "Its okay, right Aunt B.? We don't have to be perfect right away. That's why we practice." She says it exactly like that every time...its her new mantra (although I'm sure she has no idea what a mantra is.)

Well, time marches on, and I am supposed to be making a pie for dinner tonight at my little sister's house...I should scoot and get on that.

Cherishing every moment!

Hugs and loves until next time darlings.

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