Friday, July 15, 2011

My Kitchen Assistant or The Great Tiger Ear Escapade

The other day I decided to wake up and make tiger ears... the mood just struck.

Naturally, I was exhausted after the endeavor, but it was totally worth it because I had the wonderful idea to take the dough over to my little sister's house and make them there using my niece as an assistant chef.

Raylee LOVES to help in the kitchen (LOVES is actually an understatement. I don't believe there are words to describe how much she enjoys being a big helper.) We had so much fun, and of course, I took photos of the entire experience, which you can view via my cheesy photo montage that follows right now! :Raylee didn't even know what a tiger ear was, but she was super excited to see the dough!

Here she is learning how to roll them and flatten them. She had a bit of a hard time adjusting to her hands being sticky, but she got it like a pro.

We had a bit of a mishap...I usually test to see if the oil is ready by adding a sprinkle of water to see if it boils to the top...apparently I added too much and had quite the splatter once we added the dough to the oil, while most of the oil burned my forehead and my neck a bit of it hit Raylee's arm and foot.

Raylee decided the best solution would be to move her chair out and duck and cover each time I added a new tiger ear to the bubbling oil in the gotta give her props for ingenuity...

As you can see, these aren't the big as your face triangular tiger ears you'd find at the East Idaho State Fair. Its all in how you shape them. We prefer smaller circles (that are more manageable for an individual eater) with a little bit of a divet in the middle to hold delicious honey butter (if that's what you choose to put on it...) (for the record, I made a few "tiger ear" shaped ones towards the end of the cooking day because Raylee was busy eating hers.)
Speaking of honey is Raylee helping me mix our homemade honey butter.

Raylee opted for our cinnamon and sugar mix for her own tiger ear. She's getting ready to shake it! (always the funnest part when I was a kid...before I decided to be brave and try honey butter, a decision I've never looked back from.)

The first bite! (She decided to color and eat at the same time...judging by the next picture, this may not have been the best idea....judge for yourself just below.)

The face of sweet success (it looked worse than this but she wiped her face off before I got a chance to take the picture. She was slightly embarrassed that I wanted a picture of her messy face. Her hands were covered in cinnamon and sugar goodness.)

Well, darlings, there is more that happened on my excursion to Kiersten's house to make tiger ears, but I kind of want to photoshop the rest of the pics. Not that they are anything spectacular or fabulous, but there is some cuteness going on...and some red eye reduction is definitely in order! LOL

Hugs and deliciousness until next time darlings!

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Lanae said...

You're a great aunt! Fun party! Glad the baby growing is going well!