Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Looking on the Sunny Side


Life and time march on and because life has been so seemingly "normal" (if there is such a thing) I haven't really had anything to write about.

I went to the doctor last week and everything is fine. The baby was moving so much that my midwife had a hard time finding a heartbeat on the Doppler. I told her I'd been feeling him/her all morning, for some reason he/she likes to sit right behind my pubic bone. It feels really weird to walk or sit when he/she is there, but that seems to be a favorite spot. She was surprised that I could feel him/her, but she on a fluke decided to test and see if the baby was still hiding there. Low and behold, a healthy heartbeat was clearly heard. She assured me that the Doppler could detect a healthy heartbeat, we just couldn't hear it. She said that she didn't envy me over the next few months as the baby gets bigger. She said she could hear a lot of movement on the Doppler and she said that usually means a very very active baby. She said for me to enjoy my baby free ribs now, because shortly, she was sure he/she would find new places to hide and annoy me.

We also had a good giggle. I have been having issues with heartburn, and family members and friends have been overly concerned, sharing their stories of women just dropping down dead, ICU stays after birth, etc. It hasn't concerned me much, I know that heartburn is completely normal, but it had been making my husband and a few other people close to me very concerned. I asked the midwife for a little bit of a soundbyte, just so I could have some info to sputter off to concerned parties so that they would know that my heartburn was completely normal and my newfound TUMS addiction was completely safe...she laughed and told me it was. She also told me that about this point in a pregnancy, she finds that a lot of her patients are receiving advice and being told stories from well meaning people about all the horrors of pregnancy. She assured me that for every one of those stories there are thousands of stories about normal, healthy pregnancies where nothing goes wrong and everyone comes out healthy and fine.

For now, I focus on being grateful for every little flutter and wiggle I feel and continuing to pray for all the best.

Jeff is coming home early today. The temperature is very warm today. Forecasts have it getting to 80+ degrees. I have no maternity summer clothes, so we are off to peruse the Ross maternity section and see if I can find anything reasonably priced to add to my slowly growing maternity wardrobe.

We're still waiting to hear back about Jeff's job interview last week. We are supposed to hear back sometime this week if he got it. I keep praying he does. Las Vegas may not be my first choice for where I want to live, it does feel right when we pray about it. We just keep moving forward with faith that if we pursue all our options, we will be able to find the place we are meant to end up. There are some pluses to living in the Las Vegas area. I could try to see about working adjunct for UNLV or even pursuing my doctorate there when I feel ready and recovered enough after the baby gets here. I could grow a voice studio or try to start some kind of after school program...the possibilities are endless. Make no mistakes, I am sure that I will find something fantastic to do. I already have Jeff's support for whatever I want, even if it means trying to get concert and oratorio gigs after the baby is a little older. Another reason I am so lucky to have him, he wouldn't change me or my expensive musical addiction...LOL!

I am still bummed about not being able to do the Met auditions this year. A little bird told me that they are considering changing the rules and regulations so this may actually be the last year that I'm eligible. Jeff told me that I should go ahead and apply if I'm still feeling good when the applications are due, and part of me was so tempted since I know an amazing accompanist. She's in my ward and she plays like a master...I'm also sure she would be willing to practice with me and I could use a staff accompanist at the actual event...but I also have to think about the fact that considering how I am carrying, the baby will likely be up in my ribcage making it very difficult to move my diaphragm down for a good singer's breath...curse me and my knowledge of the anatomy of the vocal system...C'est la vie...I'm on to other things, more important things, more life lessons and more fun. There are other competitions, and other years to compete and right now there is only one baby in my belly and only one time to be pregnant for the first time. Maybe its best that I focus on enjoying that.

Every day is a new adventure. I am so excited to be on the ride. My life is what it is supposed to be, I am where I am supposed to be. That is a very comforting knowledge. I can continue to dream and make plans, its so wonderful to know that no matter where you are in life there are always options, there are always dreams, and there are always wonderful blessings just around the corner waiting for you as long as you're willing to remember that God's will will always win out.

Well, my tired husband has just tromped through the door, and I suspect he will be ready to go soon.

Hugs and loves until next time darlings!

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