Thursday, June 9, 2011

So Lucky

Today is one of those days that reminds me how incredibly lucky I am. I try to remember this fact every day,but some days I am just overwhelmed with gratitude for the blessings that Heavenly Father gives me on a daily basis and the big changes he has made in my life.

I think Jeff may have food poisoning. We went out for date night last night to the Olive Garden, he had never eaten there, and he left less than impressed. About 20-30 minutes after our arrival home he was feeling pretty miserable. We snuggled up and watched Yogi Bear (we went to a Red Box and rented it) and then after that he decided to play Halo with his X Box online. I dozed off (I'm recovering from a mysterious rash that developed a few nights ago, I have been taking Benadryll at night-the only approved allergy medication for pregnant folks, and even a half dose of children's Benadryll, which is what I take, knocks me out.) I don't know when Jeff turned off the X Box, I vaguely remember him asking me if I was falling asleep, me saying yes, him turning it off and then rolling over to snuggle with me. (On a happy note, the rash is all gone, so I don't think I will need any Benadryll tonight.)

Jeff and I woke up around 8:15 or so. We snuggled for a little while, he joked with me when I asked if I could just snuggle with him for a while by whipping up out of the bed and saying, "Okay, all done." with the mischievous smile on his face. I got up to go eat some breakfast and made him some orange juice (which is one of his most favorite things on the planet) I love the mornings. I love waking up to my husband snuggled up against me. (Lucky Reminder # 1)

Jeff left for work. My mom was at my sister's house and I was alone. Then, it started, the annoying feeling you get in your eye when something is stuck in it. I tried everything to flush it out, but to no avail. I assume that something was stuck, came out and left a scratch so that it feels like there is something stuck. Just in case I am getting pink eye, I took out all my make up and brushes and cleaned and disinfected everything. A task that I actually don't hate. Yes, if I do have pink eye, it will stink big time, but how lucky am I to know what to do to avoid keeping it around?

I went to my sister's house. On the way, I lucked out and saw my husband walking to talk to my dad about something work related. I decided to follow him into my dad's office. I think he was pleasantly surprised. We smooched a few times (because I always want to smooch my husband) and I left him to finish his work (Lucky Reminder #2- we are so blessed that my dad fought to get Jeff a job, Lucky Reminder #3- I am so lucky that I have a husband who works hard to provide for us, Lucky Reminder #4- My husband likes to smooch me too- every chance he gets!)

I managed to time walking to Kiersten's place just right. Apparently my mom had invited Raylee for a walk so they could take my mom's Shih Tzu out. Raylee came running to me with all her 3 year old gusto and hugged my legs so tight that I almost fell over. "Aunt B. I love you so much! Its so good to see you!" She then proceeded to stick a leaf in my face (picking up "nature" is one of her favorite things to do on a walk. She loves leaves especially) "Here Aunt B., you can have this beautiful leaf, I picked it just for you." (Lucky Reminder #5- I have the cutest nieces and nephews on the planet and they love me with their whole hearts, Lucky Reminder #6- We live on such a beautiful planet, its great to be reminded that everything is beautiful in its own way by seeing things through the eyes of a 3 year old.)

We went up to my sister's house. We visited for a while, my husband texts that he wants me to come for pizza with him (apparently the assistant manager of the apartment complex ordered pizza for all the maintenance staff and was more than willing to let Jeff bring me along so she could invite her husband too.) I asked if he wanted to me to walk down or if he would come pick me up. No response so I continued my visit. Surprisingly, the door opens- its HIM! My hunky husband (Lucky Reminder #7- my husband is (as far as I'm concerned) the most attractive man on the planet) He whisked me down to the clubhouse for pizza. We had a nice visit with my dad and all the men that work for him and the assistant manager. However, the food poisoning from last night kind of reared its ugly head again and Jeff, all of a sudden, was feeling sick.

We excused ourselves and came home. Jeff decided to take the rest of the day off so he could try to feel better. We got back and Jeff tried to help me flush my eye out again (Lucky Reminder #8- My husband loves me enough to try everything he can to make me feel better even when he is miserable- believe me, the feeling is mutual). When that didn't really work, we sat and discussed what we could do to make him feel better. I suggested we go to the hot tub. I can't sit in it (when you're pregnant you're supposed to avoid situations where your core body temperature can rise about 100 degrees Fahrenheit.) but Jeff can sit in it, and I thought that perhaps it would make him feel a little less achy.

Jeff mentioned that the hot tub at the new clubhouse was still being fixed, so we walked across the street to the old clubhouse. I couldn't help it- I had to stick my toe into the swimming pool. It may not be the warmest day, but I had to see what the water felt like. It was warm. The crazed idea started forming in my head. I wanted so badly to put on my swimsuit, run outside and jump into the pool. However, my rational self won out, and I thought that maybe the baby wouldn't appreciate the impact that he/she would feel if I jumped into the water. Jeff sat in the hot tub against a jet. I envied him. I thought about how nice it would feel on my aching back, but I want to be good! I stuck my feet in the water and let the jets massage my calves and feet...that still felt good (Lucky Reminder # 9 We live really close to 2 awesome hot tubs. Lucky Reminder #10 We are so fortunate that my parents took us in so we could save money before the baby comes.)

I looked out to the pool, longingly. I finally made up my mind. " I think I'm going to go try to swim." Jeff looked at me slightly bewildered. "Okay." He said and then he started getting out of the water. He was coming with me! (Lucky Reminder #11, I married someone who is willing to indulge my crazy ideas and even take part...I don't know if he'd admit it, but I think its one of the things he loves best about me.)

We went out to the pool. We slowly started to make our way in. Of course, because I'd had my feet in the hot tub the water felt much much cooler than it really was (its supposed to be 84 degrees) Poor Jeff started shaking like a leaf, but he willingly followed along with my crazy whim. We'd go in a few steps, get out and stand in the wind so that the water would feel warmer and then go in deeper. Jeff finally made it in all the way. He jokingly swam away from me and made me chase him into the deep end of the pool. He finally let me catch him and then teased me because I couldn't touch the bottom and he could. I wrapped my arms and legs around him tight and he walked around the pool for a bit. (Lucky Reminder #12, I love snuggling with my husband and he loves snuggling with me) Finally, Jeff had had enough and decided to go back to the safety of the hot tub. I decided to stay in the pool and swim for a bit.

Swimming while pregnant is definitely an interesting experience. I felt stretches in places that I had never felt stretching before, but it was a good stretch, you know? (Lucky Reminder #13, I have a healthy body. I think those of us that have whole, functioning bodies take that for granted a lot. Its nice to have a reminder like a gentle stretch.)

I went back to the hot tub. Jeff and I laughed about going into the pool and how surprisingly pleasant it actually was considering that it was only about 60 degrees outside. We then decided to call it a day. Jeff said he was feeling really tired. Instead of getting dressed, Jeff just started pulling his jacket and shoes on. "Are we not getting dressed then?" I asked, "I'm not. You can do whatever you like." Jeff said. I then dried myself a bit, put on my jacket and flip flops and we were off...that's right we walked back across the street in rainy 60 degree weather in our jackets and swimsuits. I got a kick out of people's reactions as they saw us (Lucky Reminder #14, my husband is just as crazy as me, and I love him for it.)

So far its been a pretty good day. I still feel like I have something in my eye and Jeff is back in the room recuperating (I really hope he feels better tomorrow) but its so nice to have a day where every little thing seems special. (Lucky Reminder #15, There is a tomorrow, and it can be just as wonderful as today if you look for all the blessings you have!)

Hugs, luck and loves until next time darlings!

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