Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Take a Wild Guess!!!!

Alright darlings,

We're here- the halfway mark! 20 weeks pregnant...

In honor of the fact that we are exactly a week away from finding out the gender of McMonkey McBean I decided to let people voice their opinions!

Do you think it is a BOY or a GIRL?

You can either leave your response here or leave it on Facebook...its your chance to let your voice be heard.

Unfortunately, as there is a 50/50 chance that everyone that guesses will be right, I can't offer any type of award for a guess well guessed...I suppose what I can offer is a chance for the people that are correct to have bragging rights on facebook, myspace, their blogs, etc...that's right, if you're right you get to KNOW you're right, you can even choreograph a little "I was right" dance to share with the world.

So, in the spirit of being helpful, I will give you any clues you might need for any old wives tales you may want to use to aid in your guesses:

1) I have pregnancy acne- really annoying and frustrating- but I live...after all it could be worse...
2) The baby likes to sit low, right behind my pubic bone and enjoys using my bladder as a punching bag
3) The last heart rate check a month ago said that his/her heart was beating at 153 beats per minute, which is on the low side (160 is average)
4) I have heartburn after EVERY meal
5) I had morning sickness all day every day until I was about 14 weeks when I magically woke up feeling great
6) My hair on my head has gotten much thicker and longer very rapidly, however, my leg hair has slowed in its growth rate.
7) My skin is super dry
8) My nails grow really fast
9) I can't eat chicken, broccoli, rice, or salad and during the first trimester I couldn't handle meat period.
10) My cravings include: root beer floats (occasionally, for the most part this pregnancy I haven't liked sweets at all) cucumbers in vinegar, pickles, Cheez-it crackers, and cottage cheese with mandarin oranges

And, in an effort to further help you with your guesses, here are some current pictures:

One from MY perspective (i.e. Behold! The BELLY!)
and one from Jeff's perspective

(P.S. probably my favorite pregnant picture to date...after seeing this, I decided Jeff is a brilliant master of photography when he is feeling rushed...he was playing Starcraft when I asked him to snap the picture and was in the middle of winning... Oh and pay no attention to the fabulous laundry room in the background...LOL)

Just so you know darlings, when the time comes, I am trying to work on a give away that will occur once we're closer where people can guess the date and time that I will have the baby... (I still haven't asked the other person that would be involved in said give away so it is VERY tenative) it should be faboosh none the less.

Hugs and happy guesses until next time darlings!


Mommy, RN said...

I'm going with girl, but frankly, either way... WAHOO! You get a baby in 20-ish weeks!

Confessions of a Stay at Home Mommy said...

I had almost all of those things with my 2 boys, so I would normally say "boy", but just looking at you says "girl".

Meikjn said...

it seems like everyone but me has boys. so I am going to go with boy. and if it is I will make him something fandiddlytastic. p.s when you do find out, i need your address so I can send it to you.

Molly and Joe Gutke said...

Well, just because of the fact that your pregnancy sounds so horribly like mine in every way, I'll say boy :)

Haeli Mae and Jae Jae said...

you are adorable!