Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mission Impossible...Possibly...

I spent the better part of my day reacquainting myself with the ins and outs of couponing. I promised Jeff that I would be a master before the summer is out...the trouble is, its hard to be the master at something when there really aren't any good coupons out there...All I can say is darn those shows like "Extreme Couponing" they've spread the word about what you can do and now it seems like manufacturers are making it impossible! Things have changed since I left the game for a bit, I guess now if you want good coupons you have to check at the very beginning of the month. I have mentally stored that information and have every intention of being a coupon printing fiend come June 1.

I spent the other part of the better part of the day looking for steals on baby deals. I know, I know, I could go to consignment stores and buy some of the things I need "gently used," but I have to admit it makes me nervous. I have been present when disasters with such "gently used" items occurred. Buckling plastic on a baby swing as the baby was in it about 3 days after purchase, heard stories of friends who were not allowed to take their baby home for the hospital because the carseat they purchased, while gently used, was out of date...the list goes on. So, today I have been a deal ninja! I started making a registry at Walmart- its more of a list of things I'm planning on purchasing though, the things that you would like to get at a baby shower, but never would...a play yard with a bassinet attachment, a car seat, a bouncer... After seeing what the "rock bottom" prices were at Wally world, I started surfing the net. It seems that we will likely be buying the play yard at Walmart but the car seat will probably come from Kmart or an online store called, it just happened to be where the type of carseat that I've heard good things about is cheaper.

I'm still waiting for that awesome deal, as I get closer to needing to actually make purchases, I may try to case stores like "Once Upon a Child," but the bottom line is, this is (hopefully) not the only baby I will be having, and to be honest, I'd rather have new stuff that I can use again in a few years.

I know Jeff is concerned about me going overboard, especially with a looming and very possible long distance move in our immediate future. I really am just trying to keep it to the bare minimum. I have found patterns and instructions online for how to make my own baby slings (That's right, I plan on being a baby will help the baby to form a bond of trust and it will help me to have my hands free to do other things that need to be done.) and, in my experience, the only baby gear that is really used in the first 3 months is: the car seat, the bouncer, and possibly a swing. I may hold off on the swing until we know for sure if we're moving...honestly, I think the kid can live without a swing for 2 or 3 months.

Anywhooo...I'm anyone else out there tired? Its sad, seriously sad, I haven't done anything today but look for deals on my computer and I am completely drained (then again, I woke up at 4 last night- not to mention the 5 times I was up to use the bathroom before that- and I was feeling kind of drained when I woke up this morning.) I was starting to feel pretty good, I'm just hoping that this isn't a precursor of things to come in the near future. I've been having this weird sensation where my legs start to ache if they sit for too long so I have to move them...I'm planning on asking my midwife about this at my appointment next week...I have to, because its keeping me from sleeping well. I also have exchanged constant nausea for constant heartburn. I took all 10 of my allotted Tums yesterday (you're only allowed 10 in a 24 hour period) so I had to wait until after 2 PM this afternoon for the cycle to start over again so I could take more...I will be asking about this too. I need something stronger.

Well, my husband is home from work (he has been for a while) and he is ready to snuggle...

So, I'm off..

Hugs and loves until next time darlings!


Meikjn said...

most things are fine used. and there are not huge differences between car seats. and you probably don't need a swing. most things are space hogging fluff in the end. I thought I needed way more stuff than I did in the end. in the first 3 months the most important things are tons of onesises (they poop through diapers a lot.) a bouncy seat,and a sling.

ekharris said...

I know I'm not a mother, but I think the swing is important, and this is why. My nephew has had a string of ear infections. He has had about 4 in his short 7 momths. Because of this, he has used his swing more than his crib. Sleeping upright has helped with the infections, because his ears can drain. They are now looking into tubes for his ears, but that swing has been a life saver. It may be fluff, or it could in the end make it so litte McBean can sleep. Just keep these things in mind.

Mommy, RN said...

Go babywearing Mommies! :) Best. Invention. Ever. I second "Meikjn." Since Andy was a literal surprise they day we got him, we were just so grateful for hand-me-downs and used stuff people brought over... it just saved us. We had a new car seat and an outfit to bring him home in... that is it (the rest appeared later). And truth be told, I've never missed not having a swing. Andy had monstrous ear infections up until he got tubes, but he slept in his bouncy seat and we put a pillow under his crib mattress. Worrying, planning, and preparing... it is what a good Mom does. Nesting. It is natural and you are doing wonderfully Mommy Brittany.