Friday, May 6, 2011

What a Day...and its not even over yet!

Moving always takes a lot out of you, but this time it seems to be taking a lot more energy than it usually does. I think its because McMonkey McBean doesn't like it when I lift boxes and am constantly moving from side to side and up and down (I don't think I've had this much of a work out since before I was pregnant!)


I'm sitting here, on the floor in what was once my living/dining room and thinking about how blessed I am.

If I didn't do that I would probably cry because of the mesh up of modge podge belongings that still haven't found a home in a box yet, and the incredibly dirty carpet that needs to be vacuumed about a million times before 5 PM tomorrow!

I am so blessed to have wonderful parents and siblings. Jeff's dad and brother Tony came and helped moved all of the big stuff. They are taking it to Preston to be stored until our big move to Nevada in January. My parents are coming tomorrow to help us move the rest and to help clean up this mess that was once a semi-organized (albeit sometimes messy)apartment. They are letting us stay with them for as long as we need to, which is such a huge blessing.

We are looking at buying a house in the Henderson, NV area to move into in January and we need to save some money. They are being incredibly gracious and asking only that we pay for groceries and half the utility bill. This is a big relief considering that I haven't found a job in Idaho Falls yet and Jeff has only recently been told by my dad that he can work for him part-time this summer.

We're kind of operating on hope and prayer right now, but honestly, in spite of the fear about what we're going to do financially and wondering how in the world we will have a down payment saved in time, I feel incredibly at peace. I know that moving in with my parents (for now) is the right thing.

We may change our minds and move back to Poky in the autumn when Jeff goes back to school, but we will have to see. Since my midwife is in Idaho Falls and I'm delivering at Mountainview Hospital in Idaho Falls, Jeff is concerned that I will go into labor and not be able to reach him while he's in class and then we will not have enough time to get to the hospital. I keep telling him that since its my first baby, we will likely have plenty of time, but I guess its good to have a husband that doesn't want to bank on that. Its nice to know he is so concerned.

Well, darlings, I'm off to eat lunch. I had a blood draw done this morning and I didn't get to eat because of it. I ate half of a gross peanut butter and jelly tortilla combination that I concocted when I got home, but I couldn't stomach much of it and I am one hungry hungry hippo.

We still have stuff to do, but atleast the majority of the hard part is done.

Hugs and delicious lunches until next time darlings!

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Tonya Lyn said...

First off-why the BEEP are you lifting boxes if your pregnant? STOP IT.

Secondly-I hate you. You're moving and I'm gonna have to drive all the way to effing Nevada to get my Brittany fix.

Thirdly-you better come back because I want to see your beautiful baby.

Lastly- I love you so much. Thank you for talking to me and supporting me during the year. I think you are amazing, and I will always adore you. You are wonderful, and don't ever forget it.