Tuesday, May 3, 2011

McMonkey McBean- Update

Last night I was sitting with my husband. He was playing video games on his computer, and I was trying to see if I could find any decent "white noise" on the television (When I study I can't be in silence, I have to have a radio on or a television show. I often will use a television show as motivation. I will study really hard during commercials and reward myself while the show is on. Eventually, I get motivated enough that I work through the show and the television becomes white noise.) Anywhooo...

I was sitting there, studying bassoon player qualifications and I felt it...

Little butterflies in the bottom of my abdomen.

I sat for a while, unsure if I wanted to admit to what I was feeling. Had I felt what I just thought I felt? Was it gas, or hunger pangs?

But then, sure enough a few minutes later, it happened again.

"I think I just felt the baby move." I said quietly.

Jeff literally almost threw his computer to the side and tried to put his hand where I was feeling it. I sadly told him that I didn't think the baby was big enough that he'd be able to feel anything from the outside, but that didn't stop him from holding his hand on my belly for the next 2 hours while we watched a movie (yeah, I was really motivated to study...LOL)

I laid next to him on my couch and I literally felt the baby moving for five minutes. McMonkey McBean was really swimming around in there...either he/she was really not happy with my laying position, or he/she really wanted his/her presence to be known.

I felt the same butterflies this morning as I sat getting ready for my jury...and apparently the baby doesn't like it much when I sing and squeeze him/her with my abdominal muscles as I move air along because he/she went crazy during my voice jury (which I knocked out of the park p.s.)

My mom had always said that she felt all of us at 12 weeks, but I was unsure of how that would work. However, my midwife said that by 12 weeks the baby ranges in size from 2.5 inches to 4, and there isn't a lot of room yet in there, so I guess it makes sense. (Besides, I'm pretty sure McMonkey McBean will get daddy's tall genes, so I wouldn't be surprised if he/she is tall right now.)

As a matter of fact, as I type this I'm feeling butterflies again.

Viva McMonkey McBean!

Hugs and butterflies until next time darlings.


ekharris said...

Yeah!! So much fun! Enjoy the bubbles before he/she starts kicking ribs, organs, and the bladder. I can only imagine what you're about to go through. So fun!;)

Rachel said...

Aww! So neat the when they do that!

The High Family- said...

So cute! I am so excited for you. You will be a wonderful mom.