Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Settling In...

Well, we're here in Idaho Falls. I have been incredibly busy trying to unpack things and find a space and a home for everything...but that is the way things work when you move in with other people who already have a home for everything in their home...

My parents have been wonderful. Things have been nice and relaxing. I know that I'm going to have to get my butt up and out the door to try to find another job (I'll likely nanny for my sister one day a week) and I need to finish unpacking the boxes in the garage, but the bedroom is almost all the way unpacked.

My dad managed to get Jeff a job working for him. This is a huge blessing for us, we were really concerned about having enough money to pay our bills and save up for the baby and our eventual move in January. Jeff is talking about the possibility of finding another job, but part of me hopes that I just am able to find one that is good enough so that he doesn't have to work himself to the bone.

My family has also been wonderful. My little sister went digging through her garage to find me some much needed maternity clothes. I was down to one pair of pants that fit (not well, mind you, but they were all I had) Its nice to have clothes that fit... You never think about what a blessing it is to have nice, fitting clothes until you don't have any. My older sister has been digging through her closet to find some shirts that will pass as maternity shirts as well. She's found a couple too! Since I got to Idaho Falls, it seems like every day is a veritable clothing Christmas! I am truly blessed to have such wonderful family members.

I got the interesting experience of shopping for maternity garments the other day at the distribution center...I was so confused. Fortunately, a little old lady noticed my confusion and walked me through the process...thank heavens for sweet strangers who do their jobs and help crazy people like me without complaint!

All in all, I am much more comfortable now.

As I rapidly approach the 16 week mark I have to think: to gender check, or not to gender check?

Jeff and I unfortunately realized that, while it would be fun to keep the baby's gender a secret and find out in November when the baby is born, it just isn't quite rational. Since we don't have a lot of money right now, we realized that we really need to have the option of buying things gradually, and the only way to do that with ease is to find out if McMonkey McBean is a boy or girl. They just don't make as many gender neutral things as they do gender specific, and its hard to buy things like portable cribs, car seats, bouncers, etc. without knowing. It just seems like EVERYTHING is pink or blue, even online.

They will automatically do an ultrasound at my 20 week appointment next month, but the biggest question is, since we can find out in as little as 2 weeks for about $25, do we want to wait another 6? (Actually, I have friends that found out at their 12 week appointment because the doctor ran an ultra sound because they couldn't find a heartbeat on the I may even be able to find out now...but I digress...)

To save $25 or to know now....its quite the conundrum.

I do have to say, however, that I'm thinking its a boy. Its just what my gut says...but, who knows...

Jeff is home from work, I don't know if its for the day or for lunch, but its nice to see him. I miss him when we're not together. He's such a wonderful guy.

I truly did hit the jackpot. Jeff is always so sweet and thoughtful. He is constantly rubbing and tickling my back without me even having to ask. Its like he just senses that I am in pain and that I need some relief. He even bought me chocolates yesterday at Desert Book. He got a Vanilla and Victorian cream and I got a peanut butter chocolate and one called Opera Cream...I thought it seemed fitting and perfect.

I also went and tried to sell my performing gowns yesterday. It will be a while before I could wear them again and, to be honest, we need the space more than I need the gowns. Jeff promised that the first performance I have after the baby is born, he will buy me a new gown. I almost wanted to cry as I went through them. Each of them hold such wonderful memories.

I have to say I was slightly offended when the people at the Runway Fashion Exchange only bought 2 of them. I think they are all beautiful and timeless, but I was told that the rest of them were "outdated". The two that they bought were my two favorites. Sadly, one of them was my most expensive gown, a $500 black and teal gown that I wore for my senior recital. I only got $25 for it...they will likely turn around and try to sell it for $100, but I guess its better that someone else can make some new memories with it than for me to keep it hanging in the closet. It was too big for me anyway before I got pregnant, and I have every intention of it being too big again... I have 5 or 6 dresses sitting in the back of my car and I'm trying to decide what to do with them. Part of me wants to just take them to D.I. I know how it is to be a girl invited to a dance and to be unable to afford a beautiful dress. Part of me thinks it would be a lovely gesture to send them to D.I. where they will be sold for likely $15 or $20 to a beautiful girl who needs an equally beautiful gown and can't afford one...but then there is the part of me that knows we need to save money for the baby and a down payment on a house...

I just have nowhere to store them.

So, how about this darlings?...

I have 5 gowns, they range in size from 8 to 16. If you're interested I will sell one or multiple gowns to you for $15 to $20 a pop. They've only been worn, on average, twice, and they've all been good luck charms for me. Every gown has a winning night associated with it...and every one of them made me feel like a princess for different reasons. I have a silver and black gown with sleeves ( I believe its a 12) a Red and White gown with sleeves (size 16), a light pink gown with gathers at the bottom and butterflies on it (it looks like a Cinderella dress) and a train on the back (size 8-10), a size 8 yellow drop waisted silky gown. Its got a low cut V neck, but you will look like a 1940's starlet in it, its very Veronica Lake (size 8) and a pink gown with a ballgown skirt that is gathered with a white sash. It is halter neck and I'll throw in a white satin bolero (size 6-8) There are a few spots on the low part of the skirt, but they would likely come out very easily with a good scrub or dry cleaning (don't say I said this, but I bet you could even run it through the wash, its satin, but not the kind that will vary in color if you get it wet).

If anyone is interested in a dress, let me know, and its yours for $15 to $20 depending on the dress (if you're a really good friend, I may even just let you make an offer of what you think is fair and its yours, it could be for as little as $5, seriously).

If I don't get any responses then I will just assume that the D.I. needs to find them a good home, but I figure that my friends should come first.

For my Pocatello friends, I would likely even let you deduct the price of gas if you wanted to come and pick one up. After all, Idaho Falls is just a hop, skip, and a jump away.

Hugs, loves, and beautiful gowns until next time darlings!


Molly and Joe Gutke said...

My sister could use some gowns. Do you have any pics I could show her? The only thing I think would be an issue is the length..??

Sister Brittster said...

I will try to get some pictures of them. They are all long and I've never hemmed any of them. I always figured I was only going to be on the stage for 5 minutes anyway so it didn't really matter if I tripped on them a little bit. When I get some time I will have to post some pics Molly. :)

Mommy, RN said...

If you're in IF now, you and I need to go to lunch sometime, my treat! :)