Monday, January 23, 2012

A Healthier Me: Week 2 Roundup

Well...I didn't do so great last week with either of my goals. I only ended up working out 3 days of the week and I didn't do so hot at upping my water intake...In my defense, I haven't exactly been feeling the most amazing...

For those of you that don't happen to be my friends on Facebook, or have missed the status update I confirmed last week that I am indeed pregnant again...

For those of you keeping track my diva in training is 3 months old...She will be 11 months old when her new brother or sister arrives.

Don't think for one moment that this is going to sidetrack me from my goal to be a healthier me.  In fact, if you begin a pregnancy overweight, it is actually safe to continue losing weight into the middle of your second trimester.  As long as baby is getting the nutrition that he/she needs, baby will be healthy.

I will also say that I have noticed that exercise actually helps my morning sickness be less...there...for lacko of a better word...I'm still nauseous, but it doesn't knock me down on my rear like it did with my first pregnancy...with this in mind, I will continue my work out regemine at 4 times a week unless my doctor tells me otherwise at my first visit...which has yet to be scheduled.

My goal for this week is to really MEAN that I want to add more water to diet.  I have to backtrack and allow  myself to try again...

Well, in spite of taking a day off from exercise and not quite hitting my target with water intake- we didn't have any major slow down in the progress.

My new measurements are: 40- 34-42.5

If you're keeping track that is another inch from the bust (another surprise for sure), another half inch from the waist, and my hips finally decided to get in on the action and shed 1.5 inches. :)

Well, here's to matter how slow and steady...and no matter how much it will be thwarted in the weeks to come LOL.

Besides increasing water intake, I will add this mantra "Being pregnant doesn't give me an excuse to be a lump on a log."  Knowing that it helps with my morning sickness helps me to keep motivated, but there are days (like last week) when I just want to give in, lay in bed all day and be sick.

Here's to motivation and mantras!

Hugs and loves until next time darlings!


Rebecca said...

Totally missed that status update on Facebook. Congrats!

The Webber's said...

Walk a ton! So many good parks, the mall, or just around the neighborhood! I walked off my weight pushing a loaded stroller :). Good luck with your plan!! You rock!