Sunday, January 1, 2012

Top 10 of 11

Well, 2011 has come and gone. It has been a year full of adventure. I'm sure there were some low points, but I choose not to dwell on the negative if I can help it, and I find that generally, even the low points have high qualities in retrospect. Here are 10 major changes that 2011 brought:

1) Jeff and I had a long, hard discussion about birth control. I was soooo sick on it after we got married and was dying to be off, but we also knew what coming off of it could mean. This led to a very frank discussion about promptings of the spirit and how we both had felt strongly that we should start thinking about starting our family. This was a scary discussion because neither of us were sure what we wanted to do about the promptings we had received individually. I had been told in high school that it would be difficult for me to conceive and confided this to Jeff. We opted to stop preventing, but not necessarily be trying. This brought #2

2) about 2 months after that, in March, (we'd been married 4 months for those of you keeping track), we found out that baby Faith was on her way to our family. We were shocked, thrilled and terrified all at once.

3) At the end of the 2010-2011 school year we decided to move in with my parents to be closer to my midwife and save money for our new bundle of joy on the way.

4) The 2011 school year started and Jeff was kind enough to be willing to make the commute so I could remain close to my midwife. I opted not to return to school to finish the classes for my Music Education degree because I was so pregnant. I also realized that I was okay with that because, when it came right down to it, I just wanted to have a chance to enjoy being a mom and I knew that I would have too much on my plate if I opted to try to complete it.
5) Jeff and I had to be apart for 3 whole days while he interviewed for a job in Las Vegas...we both agreed that we don't do well when we're apart. We know that it is a necessary evil when it comes to work (most working folk end up having to go on a business trip at one point or another) but it was nice to receive confirmation that we basically can't function without each other...

6) I was able to get a successful voice studio up and running. I had 9 of the most amazing brilliant students and found great joy and fulfillment. I know that THIS is what I was meant to do!

7) I had a baby! Not only did I have a baby, she was a month early and I was in labor for 3 whole days and had my water tear before I finally was forced into the hospital by my midwife. 22 hours after I was admitted to the hospital Faith McKynzie joined our family.

8) I had my testimony of the power of the Priesthood strengthened as baby Faith made huge, unexpected leaps in her recovery in the NICU and was able to come home with us only 1 day after I was discharged. I have no doubt in my mind that the power of God bestowed upon her by the laying on of hands after she was born is the reason she recovered so quickly. For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, you can learn more about the power of the priesthood here

9) We had an awesome time as we blessed our sweet baby and gave her a name on Dec. 4th. She was, and still is, a perfect angel. Sure, we have our fussy times- no baby is 100% perfect all the time, but I can't say enough how grateful I am that my baby tends to run in the middle of the spectrum...we've had a few moments where I just can't get her to stop crying and she has to cry herself to sleep, but for the most part she is so chill and relaxed about everything...I'm also convinced that she wants to grow up waaaayyy too fast. Here is the rundown:

a) at three days old she was already trying to hold her head up and succeeded at holding it up by herself by the time she was a week old.
b) she rolled over by herself at a week old
c) she already can hold herself up in the sitting position. You have to put her there first, but she holds it for a while after that.
d) I had THAT moment yesterday...the moment where you pick your baby up and realize you aren't worried about supporting the head because they are holding themselves up...I wanted to cry...
e) When I'm holding her, if she wants to be burped or have her back patted, she begins to pat my shoulder with her little melts my heart every time...

10) And last but not least- Jeff took a job with a company called JT3. We packed up all of our stuff into a UHaul truck, attached our car to the back on a dolly, and made the long journey from Idaho Falls, ID to Las Vegas, NV...which is where we are currently...waiting to hear when we can move into our condo. We were able to go to our new ward today. Its filled with lots of young families like ours. I have no doubt that God definitely has a purpose for us here- especially after meeting people in our ward. I can already see that we are going to grow so much and be strengthened by them, while at the same time receiving opportunities to use our talents to serve them and make them better.

2011 was so awesome, I really can't say what I believe 2012 will bring. Jeff is convinced that it will bring another baby...we will see about that one. I am enjoying the one that we have immensely and would like to have a little more time for her to have me all to herself; however, we've also had some more discussions about that and I think we've agreed that we will let the Lord decide when its time. We will be practicing natural birth control, which has been proven to work (the method I'm using actually has the same success rate as the birth control pills I was on).

I do know that 2012 will bring a newfound independence. I'm a little frightened by it. Its been a while since I've been so far away from my siblings and parents, but I will say that I am excited about all the new possibilities. With that independence comes a beautiful condo...for now...but here is hoping that 2012 also finds us looking for and purchasing our first home!

Needless to say, there are so many new possibilities for this new year...I make it a point never to make resolutions, but I can say that I have no doubt that 2012 will end with a stronger better me...Life is for learning. Every new day brings sweet surprises and gifts. I simply will continue to pray that I can see them and use them for good when they present themselves.

Hugs and loves until next time darlings!

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Stephanie May Anderson said...

What a year! It's so wonderful to read all the good that has come into your life, I'm sure 2012 will just as exciting. Hang in there with those rude drivers and busy traffic. You never stop missing Idaho, but you definitely learn how to keep up with them!