Thursday, January 26, 2012

DIY Cheap Nursery Decorations: Burp Cloth Holder

Well, before stomach flu reared its ugly head, I managed to finish another craft for Faith's room. There really isn't a tutorial, as I felt that just looking at the finished craft was self explanatory.

When Jeff and I moved into my parent's house, we were using an old bookshelf I'd had since before college as storage for burp cloths and blankets.  When we were moving to Vegas, we opted to let the bookshelf head off to greener pastures as it was about to fall apart or fall on someone.  I didn't want that someone to be a crawling baby, and my husband wholeheartedly agreed.  So...since we've been in Vegas, our burp cloths and blankets have been in a jumbled pile on the floor of the little diva's nursery.  As I was finishing unpacking, I found a shoe box, and, as it would happen, the muses sang to me and I came up with this idea for a burp cloth holder.
The great thing about it, is that you can use the scraps of the scrapbook paper that you used to create the letters to cover the box.  Literally, all you need is a shoe box, scrapbook paper, and modge podge or glue. Just be certain that some of the pieces wrap around the edges of the box, as it will look funny to have a piece of paper on the outside, a visible edge, and then the other piece of paper that is on the inside.

 (See, I wrapped the yellow paper around the edge, and then covered the outside)

 Its super easy to hang, all I used were 2 clear thumb tacks.
And here is a sad looking picture of the finished product, filled to the brim with burp cloths! (sorry its either my comp, blogger,or my card- but I'm having a hard time getting the pictures to load the way they appear on my screen.)

Happy crafting darlings!

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Lisa said...

Cute! You are so crafty! :)