Friday, April 22, 2011

A Thought...

As I was sitting at rehearsal for Haydn's Creation last night, the thought struck me like a 2 ton load- How can people not believe there is a God?

I don't know why I thought it, I just did...

Let me preface the rest of this post by saying that I in no way want to push or force my beliefs on anyone...I respect everyone's beliefs. One thing that my religion teaches is the importance of allowing all men the privilege to worship God as they see fit (or not worship God in this case).

I guess its more of a question for atheist folk out there? What made them decide against a belief in God?

It seems to me that the more education I have, the more my testimony in the existence of God grows.

I cannot believe that all of the order in the universe is a result of some grand coincidence.

Science teaches us that even down to the smallest realm of existence (atoms and below) there are set and intricate rules about how things work.

I look at the beautiful autumn, winter, spring and summer days- I look at the lush green trees and the beautiful vibrant flowers and I think, "What a wonderful gift." The way that these plants grow and work is so intricate and organized, I cannot believe that, again, I can't see how people would just think it was a coincidence out of chaos.

I hear beautiful music, I think of the testament that it brings that we are not alone...the testament that no matter what time you live in, no matter what country, no matter what religion you ascribe to, someone has felt the same way as you...and I can't help but be grateful. Music to me is another testament of God's love- he wanted us to be able to help each other and buoy each other up.

I think about music, I think about the evolution of Western music specifically, with all its intricacies and order and I can't help but feel that it was divine inspiration that led men to be able to come up with a system that writes it down.

I also thought last night about the miracle of the human body. I think about all the things that we still don't know about the brain and how it runs everything, I think about the amazing systems installed in our bodies to maintain order and balance, I think of our abilities to create LIFE...breathing, eating, pooping, sleeping, thinking, feeling LIFE! It is such a miracle, there are so many strict rules that are involved in the creation of life: the timing, the body's temperature...etc., how can it be seen as anything but a miracle? Our ability to create life is the one godly attribute we have on this earth, its proof that we are created in His image...

How is that coincidental?

I know, there may be an atheist out there reading this completely offended, even with my disclaimer...

This is not meant to be offensive. These are honest questions.

I know that there is no "proof" that God exists...or at least what the scientific community would call proof...but to me, all of the aforementioned scenarios are proof... in my mind, there is too much order, too much goodness in this world to believe that God does not exist.

You can't see the wind, but you can FEEL it...I can't see God, but I can feel His presence in my life.

You can detect high and low pressure systems that lead to the creation of maybe all of the order in the universe, maybe all of the beautiful things that surround us are God's high and low pressure systems...telling us that He is present.

Yes, bad things happen...but another thing I have learned since I was little is that this life is meant to test us. This life is meant to give men an opportunity to make good or bad choices for themselves, this life is meant to determine where you will be happiest in the next life, this life is meant to prove if you can handle godly powers and attributes in the next life...

I know, my words will not change the mind of a hardened atheist. I get it... when it comes right down to it, I can't prove that God exists...but no one can prove that He doesn't.

With the approach of Easter Sunday, I want to say how grateful I am for a loving Father in Heaven, who sent his Son as the ultimate proof of his love for us. He loved us so much He wanted us to be able to return to Him. Christ, our older brother, loved us so much that he was willing to suffer more than any man could ever fathom to ensure that we would be able to return home again.

Christ performed miracles using Godly power, I have seen miracles in our time. I have seen my older sister come through horrible health crisis after horrible health crisis, I've been told that she was at death's door, and through the grace and power of God, through priesthood blessings, she was able to regain her health and live to raise her beautiful children. I have been blessed with the life that I now hold inside of me. I have seen love change a man's life. I have seen my step-father break the cycle of abuse that he was raised in. I have seen him, through prayer and personal struggle, be strengthened and made better, more whole, more godly...

and that is what this life is about...coming through trials to become more like God, using the example of our brother, Savior, and Redeemer Jesus Christ.

I know that the rambling above will not change a set opinion on the matter...but I will say that I allow you the privilege to not believe in God, just allow me my privilege to believe...

I love you all, no matter what your the end of the day, good people are still good people, no matter their religion or creed. Everyone has rights to make their own decisions, whether they be good or bad.

With all the scary and sad things that happen in the world, let's try to focus on the good, let's try to foster the good until it becomes a beautiful garden of love that drives the evil, scary, and sad things away. Let's work together to make this world more godly.

Hugs, and deep love until next time darlings.


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