Sunday, September 8, 2013

Happy Birthday Phillie!!!!

Click on the picture to read a few of her favorite things. :)
My Dearest Philadelphia,

I can't believe that you're already one year old! Time has gone by so fast!

While there are times that I miss my sweet little baby, I am so excited to watch you grow and change. You have always been and will always be one of the sweetest babies I've ever met. You love to cuddle and be held. You always try to make people smile. When I'm not feeling well, you always crawl over, give me your signature "charming smile" and make the darkest of clouds disappear.

You love Minnie Mouse, music, dancing (well, bobbing since you can't walk yet to dance like sissy does), and playing with baby dolls. You've started loving tutus and necklaces as much as your big sister and you're always up for a wrestling match with me or daddy.

Today, I am going to kiss your chubby little cheeks as much as I can...who knows if they will be this glorious and cherub-like next year when you're 2. I'm also going to snuggle and mug on you as much as possible....but I know you won't mind. You're a superstar and you know that you deserve to be the center of attention whenever possible.

While today marks a milestone, one year in what I pray will be a long and happy life, I want you to know that you will always be my little baby. I love you forever.

You bring me and your daddy so much joy. No matter what may come along the way, know that we love you and hope and pray that we can help lead you along until you're strong enough to find and choose the type of life you'd like to have for yourself.

You are a daughter of God who loves you. You're pretty remarkable and we feel very blessed by Him that He would allow such a special and sweet spirit into our home. You will do great things!

Your Mommy and Daddy

P.S. Here is a slideshow of the pictures we took of you this year! Look at how much you've grown in such a short time!

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