Monday, June 25, 2012

Sensational Saturay

Jeff and I sat down (or rather fell down) at the end of the day on Saturday and agreed that we hadn't had such a full, activity filled day since we got married.  We were lucky enough that the house was in order and we had no errands to run- those days are rare when we start his weekend off from work.

We, on a whim, decided to go to hit some yard sales. I was hoping we'd be able to find some things that I could fix up for the new baby (like a crib, bedding, you know all that stuff that you realize you don't have enough of when your current baby is only going to be 10 1/2 mos old when her little sister gets here?) 

We did find a few cribs and things, but I was SHOCKED by what people were asking for them. I know the point of a yard sale is to haggle a bit, but honestly, the prices were so ridiculous there was no point.  One crib was beautiful and converted to a toddler bed, and was definitely worth the asking price, but we just couldn't afford it...the other...well we could have gotten the same set up for the same price BRAND NEW in the store....we did manage to find a Little Einsteins baby gym for the new baby for $10 (usually $50 in the store, so I thought we did well) and a big pile of books for the Little Diva (as I was getting sick of reading the same 3 over and over...a dollar a piece for board books and touch and feel books is a pretty good deal.) 

Jeff found more deals than me, he got a video game he'd been eyeing in the store for $10 (as opposed to the regular $40-60 sale price), a shelf unit for the garage for $1 and a bunch of  tools that he'd been looking for for $5. 

I went home a bit dejected, and running low on faith that we'd find what we were looking for at a decent price before the Divine Miss Cupcake makes her arrival in September. 

I decided to stop being dejected and that we would just go have some fun instead. Since we were both feeling up to it, we decided to take Faith to the splash pad for the first time. Of course, we forgot the camera and ended up having to take some not so great pictures with Jeff's phone and have his mom email them back to us (we're cheap and refuse to pay for internet for our phones...we don't need them beeping at us all day long... If I want to know what's in my inbox, I'll check it myself, without a prompt, thank you very much...)'s a cheesy photo montage from the splash pad.  

First time in a swing!!!

I think its safe to say she likes it...

First time down a slide (with assistance, of course...)

Playing in the water with daddy

Splashing, wet, and happy! Love that we can do stuff like this for FREE!

Just chilling in her own private area of the wading big...LOL

When we came home, I decided I would hit Craig's List to see what kinds of cribs were out there that people weren't trying to group in with a yard sale...I was again pretty dejected by what I was finding- everything was just so OVERPRICED!  Because I had nothing better to do, I sat with my search page open for an hour and hit refresh every 10 minutes just to see what would pop up...and then- there it was!  $100 convertible crib with a dresser that attached on the side and 2 drawers underneath. It came with 2 mattresses- one crib mattress and one toddler mattress...I opened the ad  not really knowing what to wasn't the dark color I was hoping for, it was a blonde wood- but it was sturdy, in good shape, converted to a toddler bed and it solved the age old question "Where are we going to put everything in the nursery?"  

Jeff drove up to North Vegas and after looking it over, he decided to bring it home....

BEHOLD our new project!
Its fairly decent, there are just a few pieces that are pretty scratched up.  We're thinking we will leave sections of it the blonde color, and because paint is easier to upkeep, we're going to paint the larger portions a nice dark/chocolate brown color or black to update it and spruce it up a bit.

I will post pics of our little project as we DIY baby! 

I'm also hoping to start the nursery soon too...I'll be posting pics as I get projects done.  I'm pretty excited, I'm going to do it in an old school Care Bears theme. I have a cute idea for some new nursery letters, mobiles and wall decorations. If you live in an apartment, or you're afraid to paint the walls in your house (I know some people that feel that way) then you won't want to miss my little projects...hopefully, they will give some people a little inspiration for their own decorating needs.  

Well, I have a crabby Little Diva crawling around next to me. She's mad because I won't let her play with the computer, so I'd better scurry!

Hugs and loves until next time darlings!

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