Thursday, June 28, 2012

Adventures in Baby Hair

I've said it a few times, but I will say it again...My baby has the most unruly, curly hair on the planet! I have to do something with it every day, otherwise she looks like this perfect cross between Einstein and an orphan child....

I give you Exhibit A:
Today's hairstyle isn't exactly a Brittany Nielson original (I found it on Pinterest)...but I am pretty proud of it because its the first time that she has sat still long enough to let me a) finish it and b) have it be decent looking.

Simply start sectioning the hair off using a side part. Be sure to get your first section pulled back far enough that you don't have the elastic sitting far enough forward that you can see it...(you may like it, but it looks weird to me). Start by making a piggy tail using the section that is on the short side of the part (ie the side with less hair). Take your comb and separate another section. Add this section to the first piggy tail and tie them together with an elastic close to the scalp. Repeat this around the head. You should end up with 4 sections. (No shame if you end up with more or less depending on how much hair you're dealing with.  4 seems to be the magic number for us and leaves the last piggy looking more like a side ponytail.)  

Dress it up and add a cute little bow to the last section piggy tail. I find that there really isn't enough hair with my baby yet to let it stand on its, who doesn't like bows???( I made this bow myself...I love being crafty!)

Here is a better picture of the back. 
Good luck mommies!  If you need better instructions, let me know and I will revamp the blog. :)

Hugs and loves until next time darlings.

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