Sunday, June 3, 2012

Faith at 7 months

Because everyone needs a daily dose of cuteness...and because I need to write things down before I forget them, Here is a little look at the life of the Little Diva at the ripe old age of 7 months (in cheesy photo montage form...)
She is definitely a daddy's girl. Daddy is pretty much the coolest person alive, and her best friend. She always gets mad when he leaves the room, or when he comes home from work and doesn't give her a great big hug and kiss.  I am not ashamed to admit that their sweet interactions often make me cry.  Jeff is such a great dad and Faith makes sure to reward him for his awesomeness with plenty of smiles and giggles.

She LOVES to sit up in her activity chair and walker. Those toys seem to be her favorite. Mom knows that if she needs to get anything done that will take longer than a few minutes all she has to do is put Faith into her chair and she will be a happy camper for 10-20 minutes.  The big smile tells it all...this girl loves to bend, twist and move toys to make noises and to see what they will do. She is learning fast how to make her toys do what she wants them to do.  She also loves to try to type on Mommy and Daddy's computer...there have been many a blog where Mommy has left her computer unattended on the floor, only to come back and find that Faith has twisted her way around to add her own spin on life in the Nielson household...

This girl loves to swim! Here she is with Daddy on Memorial Day. Our Plans to go to Boulder Beach at Lake Mead were foiled when we noticed that traffic was backed up on the highway all the way to Boulder we opted for a day in the pool at home.

"Esther Williams, eat your heart out!" Daddy and mommy have to be pretty careful when we go swimming because, if she had her way, she would try to paddle off on her own. She loves to kick and splash in the water- she especially thinks its funny when she splashes herself in the face accidentally. She thinks its even more funny when she splashes someone else.

She has a full head of practically untameable curly hair! When mommy doesn't style it with piggy tails, or put some type of product in it, this is what it ends up looking like! Its starting to get long enough that mommy can do braids and other fun things, as long as she is willing to sit still and cooperate long enough. 

You rarely see her without a smile and her pacifier. She isn't crawling yet, but seems to be getting closer. She does, however, like to pull herself up to standing position and, if she is going to be on the floor, prefers her belly to her back because she can reach her toys more easily.

She LOVES her solid foods.  In fact, she gets mad because she can't eat what mommy and daddy are eating.  She tries to charm food off of our plates, but unfortunately, she isn't so great at "gumming" foods yet, so she has to stick to the homemade baby food that mommy makes...but mommy tries to make it interesting.  She loves green beans with a little butter and salt, and she enjoys a little bit of macaroni and cheese (pureed very well in the Baby Bullet) from time to time.

She is very smart...her pacifier has become her favorite teething  "toy". She will chew on the back of it, or stick her thumbs and fingers into the back so she can make it harder to chew on.  She's been a bit of a teething monster lately, but  Mommy reminds herself that it could be much worse than it is. For the most part, she is always cheerful and rarely complains.
She LOVES her feet. She twists and contorts her body in very interesting ways and watching her try to "dance" while lying on her belly is a treat.  She loves music and stops everything if she hears someone singing.  She is instantly quiet and smiles big when someone is performing for her.  She is the BEST audience when mommy is in the mood to practice one of her arias, that is for sure!  She loves the piano and will sit for hours playing her own little ditties if you'd let her. Her favorite instrument is still the cello- in fact, she plays the keyboard the most when its set to sound like a cello.
Another fun fact: Her favorite movie is The Little Rascals...she always giggles when she hears Bug Hall (the actor who plays Alfalfa) singing "You are so Beautiful to Me" and "All I need is the Air that I Breathe (and to Love You)". She also thinks that the scene where Porky and the other "Heman Woman Haters" play tricks at Darla and Alfalfa's picnic is the funniest thing ever (she giggles the whole way through!)

She draws a crowd everywhere she goes.  Every time we go shopping or out on the town random people will play with her and she smiles. We are often told how beautiful and amazingly friendly she is.  Mom has even had people ask if she is a baby model...I guess she models for me, does that count? She smiles at everyone and definitely brightens the day of anyone being grumpy.  If we chance to meet a cranky sales associate, all it takes is Faith flashing her signature charming smile and they are instantly sweeter and kinder.  I don't think this girl is going to have a hard time making friends when she gets older...She is also a favorite for many children at church. She has a lot of friends and she doesn't even realize it yet.  

So, there you have it...a little bit about our Little Diva.  Let us know if you need a daily dose of cute, we are always happy to oblige!

Hugs and Loves until next time!


Amber Wray said...

Ahhhh, she is so stinkin cute! I miss her so much! I bet she would run screaming if I tried to hold her because she won't remember me. :( Hug her for me! Miss you too!

Lisa Thomas said...

She is SOOOOOOO CUTE!!! I love her little grin!