Monday, October 25, 2010

What a Weekend!!!!!

This weekend was definitely crazy, but it was a really good time.

Jeff and I left the sleepy town of Pocatello for some real fun in the bustling metropolis of Idaho Falls...I know, you're all green with envy right now, right?

We spent the night with my fabulous older sister. She gave us a bit of a scare last week, they thought she was having a heart attack, we flew to Idaho Falls and she ended up pulling through okay, making it possible for us to come for a fantastic weekend at her house. (She even went and got cookies and soda to commemorate the occasion...I know, I felt special too, don't you wish you were as lucky?)

Jeff worked on his homework like I busy bee while I danced with little Addie in the living room. She was amazed at how fantastic I was...I kicked, did turns and spins, and was my best impersonation of a ballerina for her...she showed me some of her moves, I showed her some of mine, it was a dancing frenzy!

In the morning, Jeff came out and snuggled on the couch with me (I let him have the guest bedroom so he could sleep in, but I should have known that wouldn't really happen when he knew I was in the next room on the couch...what can I say, I've captivated and entranced him...) My nieces and nephew were awake downstairs and they were playing with Macee's "Bop It" know that game that says "Bop it, twist it, pull it...etc. They were shouting out the directions to eachother and having a blast, giggling and laughing the whole time...Jeff squeezed me tight and whispered in my ear, "No kids for atleast a year." I giggled, he giggled and then we listened to the melody of happy children's voices coming up from the basement.

Kelly, Amber's husband, still slightly disappointed by the Yankee's loss on Friday night, managed to pull himself out of bed and make us some delicious breakfast burritos. They were yum-o! Thanks Kelly, you da man! I was almost finished getting ready, and I didn't think it was a big deal for me to walk in a little late for breakfast, so I kept going. Jeff decided to wait for me. He came into the bathroom and stood behind me. He put his arms around my waist and mimicked the faces I made as I put on mascara and the like...I giggled, and kissed him...and kept going in spite of his teasing. We walked out hand-in-hand and sat down to breakfast.

The kids decided to buzz about their primary program last Sunday. Primary Program Sunday is the one thing I really miss about family wards. I love watching the little kids get up and sing and recite their carefully learned parts. Little Addie sang us her favorite song from the program. I looked over at Jeff while she sang, he was smiling from ear to ear...which made me smile even bigger. (I love that man!)

After breakfast, Amber and I ran off to finish with preparations for my bridal shower. Amber was looking a little green there for a minute, she is such a trooper and pushed through. Thank you Amber Sue for all your hard work! I had a blast.

We had the bridal shower at our friend Ashley's new big beautiful house. We had a lot of fun (most of it at my expense...don't even get me started about the chewing gum or the Tinkerbell pajamas... LOL) We had an awesome turn out and most of my favorite people were there. I got some awesome home decor items to doll my apartment up with after we are married and had a lot of laughs.

I had my cousins come all the way from Twin Falls and my soon to be mother in law came all the way from Preston! Bless their hearts. I felt very loved and so grateful to have such wonderful people in my life. ( I wish I had pictures, but alas, you may have to read my sister's blog to get them...if and when she decides to blog about it.)

The grand finale of the day was that my mother in law has finished altering my wedding dress! YAY!!!!!! HOORAY!!! We whisked back to my sister's house and I tried it on to make sure it fit. Thanks Cindy for all your hard work! You're amazing! My nieces got to see the wedding dress for the first time and they were transfixed. Addie told me that I looked, "Boo-tea-ful" and Macee said I looked like a princess...when you have the approving votes of a 4 year old and a 6 year old, you know you're on the right track! :)

We then had a quick dinner with Jeff's parents and rushed back to Poky for the choir concert I was supposed to be singing at. I made it with ten minutes to throw on my choir dress, quickly retease my hair and fly out the door. I got to the venue, put on my red lipstick, and sang my little heart out. Of course, we started late (it was the high school choral invitational and with over 400 high school students to seat and their parents, of course we'd be a little late) so my E.T.A. to get home to Jeff to start my birthday celebration was only an hour off...(I said I'd be home by 8, it was closer to 9)

You see, Sunday was my birthday. We were going to try to do something fun the night before, so we rushed over to Albertsons and rented How to Train Your Dragon from the Redbox...and Jeff got me Cran-Grape juice (one of my faves) and some European dark chocolate (my ultimate fave) We snuggled up and watched the movie. It was awesome...but then again, I love Dreamworks, they come up with some pretty crazy, cool, creative stuff...which I think is severely lacking in other movies that end up on the big screen. Big fan...HUGE!

The movie ended, and we fell asleep...believe me, when I woke up and realized that it was getting late and I should leave, it was really tough to pull myself away...sleep is a beautiful thing, sleep snuggled up with the person you love is an even better thing...but alas...I pulled myself away and went to sleep.

4:30 phone goes off...its Jeff, he wants his Brittany...its cold, rainy and wet outside but I brave the elements and go to his apartment. We snuggle up on the couch and sleep until 9. We wake up, he says, "Happy Birthday" kisses me, and tells me that we will make my birthday breakfast up in my apartment. He tells me to go upstairs and he will be up shortly.

I get the key in the lock and the door flies open...My roommates call out "Happy Birthday!" They all hug me. Jeff asked them to make me breakfast! It was my roommate Lauren's birthday too. I tell her happy birthday and say that I should have made breakfast for her. We all laugh and sit down to eat...only Jeff isn't there, so we wait...and wait...and wait...and finally my roommates go down to kidnap him.

Chelsea and Lauren drag him into the apartment a few minutes later. Chelsea jokes that if he wasn't so tall she would have thrown him over her shoulder a'la cave woman style...We all laugh, we pray, we eat..

that's right we eat, we pray, we love! After all, there is a popular book that says that those things are the key to true happiness, right?

Breakfast was over, Jeff had to jet to get to meetings (he is the current ward mission leader) and me and the girls gab. I have to say, I have the best roommates in the world. God knew how much I needed them and how much they needed me. We have helped eachother in so many ways and I am truly blessed to count them among my "besties."

Melissa's parents came to visit...turned out that the 24th was also their anniversary. We all sit down and have a lovely lunch before church with Mel's parents. It was a blast and her parents are just as awesome as her!

I head to church, but then I turn around. Jeff calls, and he wants to drive up together. I meet him at his apartment...HE BAKED FOR ME...that's right...he baked...and not just anything, one of my favorites- German Chocolate Cake with the coconut pecan frosting! Yum-O!

We're late for church, but it seems Heavenly Father has a birthday present for me too...instead of speakers we are having a "hymn testimony meeting"- meaning, like a regular testimony meeting, people get up and bear their testimony, but they pick a hymn that goes along with the theme or just pick their favorite hymn and say why its their favorite and bear testimony about that. We spent the entire service singing...What an awesome birthday present from the big man upstairs. He loves me alot, and he has blessed me abundantly the last few months. I am so grateful to a loving God who has made sure that I am right where I need to be.

Jeff and I leave after sacrament, we decided to drive home and spend part of the day with my family. My grandma is staying with my parents this week, and I was super excited for them to meet. I had to giggle when Jeff and I were getting food (because we were hungry) and grandma, in the way that only grandma can, said, "You make sure to fill his glass up all the way with that lemonade, its so good!" It took me right back to her house in Moreland before grandpa passed away...that sums grandma up. She gives and makes sure that she shares abundantly.

Jeff and I shared our german chocolate cake with everyone. My sisters both came over with their kids and husbands and shared in the bliss... and then, all too soon, it was time to leave.

Of course, we leave right as a huge storm rolls through. I started out driving, but I chickened out at the rest area between Blackfoot and Idaho Falls. My man pushed through...even in Fort Hall when it started raining and hailing so hard we couldn't see in front of us...he slowed down, stayed calm, and held my hand because, even though I was trying to put on the facade of calm, he knew that I was terrified. We made it home...and there was much rejoicing.

Goodnight is always the worst part of the day... it will get tougher once he moves into our apartment (did I mention we have to have a new place for him to live by Monday?) We think we found the place. Its a giant studio apartment that doesn't actually feel like a studio apartment at all. We are putting in our application today, so here is hoping that it all works out, if not, Jeff may need to find a couch to stay on (he insists he can live in his car, but I insist that this will not be the case! LOL)

Well, things are getting crazier as the big day gets closer, but its all been worth it so far.

Keep smiling, and look for the blessings in your lives. Even when the times seem as dark as they can get there is a light waiting for you to find it.

Hugs and loves until next time darlings!

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