Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Just shoot me now... next week is Final's week and I am officially freaking out! I thought that I had a handle on everything but apparently my Opera History paper is a sub-standard blow by blow attempt to discuss dramaticism in Massanet's Manon, and not only is my prospectus for my research class ALL WRONG, now I have to annotate the bibliography that I am tacking onto the end and write a research journal! Research???!!! I ask you, who has time to research when they have to rewrite 2 papers and study for a huge Opera History final with a CD chock full of listening examples!??!!

To add to my joy of joys, my graduation application is also due at the end of next week, which means I have to find time to waste to run around campus to collect signatures from various people that I've never met! Why can't it be like it is at ISU? They ask for your name, how many credits you have, you click submit and you're done! can't be that simple!

To top things off, I thought I'd be nice and offer some time to my Voice in Class students for extra help before the final, three or four of them had asked so I figured it wouldn't be that big of a deal....OH was I WRONG! Apparently, EVERYONE had to sign up. I'd hoped to have some slots for my private students to get them ready for juries, but they will have to wait for finals week and fit it in then. I am completely booked on December 6 from 9:30 in the morning until 5 PM that evening! I don't even get a lunch break because people decided to write in the noon and 12:30 slots since I didn't! I am going to die.....

So, will someone just put me out of my misery and shoot me now???? PLEASE????


Tenise said...

Wow. I'm sorry. Good luck!

WrayFam said...

You can do this. Deep breath. One day at a time. Don't look at everything you have to do. Just split it up into days. You can do this! I believe in you!!!! It will be OKAY!!!!