Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Thanksgiving Scrapbook

Well, Thanksgiving Break is over. There isn't much to tell, I spent my time trying to relax and get my head back on straight. Life has been crazy and it has been a crazy semester. I had some fun. I went to the Forgotten Carols with my parents and it was awesome. I'd never been in person until this year, I've always made due with CDs and the DVD (which Amber got last year) But have to say it was so much better live! It was nice to share it with my parents, I love them and I don't get to share experiences like that with them that often.

Black Friday was a success again this year. I actually had a panic attack in Walmart this year, it was WORSE than ever. I have to say, I was scared about Target, we had to go there for a few things, but I have to say that experience was so much better than what we experienced at Walmart. At Target the employees were helpful and wanted to be there (or atleast it seemed like it) while at catch my drift. Thanks again Amber for my newer better camera, she sacrificed her body for me and I can't thank her enough. Let's just say I am excited to scrapbook with better picture quality. The pics in the following scrapbook pages came off my old camera and when I look at the images and compare it is night and day! SO MUCH BETTER!

Enjoy the scrapbook pages...I have more to put together, not many, but some! ENJOY!


WrayFam said...

I love love love all of the pix an dscrapbook pages miss talented! GOSH! We love you and miss you already! Can't wait for you to be home for Christmas!

Rebecca said...

Adorable haircut, Brittany! I love it!

Sheena said...

ummm hello-when we're just slaves to all the black friday shoppers and at risk of bodily harm, can you really blame us for being less than enthused to be there. plus the whole fact that it takes about 3 days to clean up the store??? not fun.