Friday, December 12, 2008

New Camera Fun!!!!!!!!

So....As I stated in a previous post, Amber sacrificed her body and got me a flashy new 10 Megapixel camera on Black Friday! Lotsa Love sis! I have been a picture taking fiend since I got it, but who can blame me? 10 Megapixels makes for a clear and pretty freaking awesome picture! I now have some cheesy photo montages for everyone to watch! Enjoy!

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Oh....and I believe I've been tagged....Thanks Amber...Actually I love doing this stuff. Its always fun to learn random things! And I tag the first 8 people that read this too...hahahaha

The 8 Things Questionairre:

8 Television Shows I Enjoy: Okay, I actually don't watch television much, but I'll do my best!

1) John and Kate Plus 8- I could seriously sit and watch this show for hours and never be bored. I watch and wonder if I could do it..its so interesting to see how they make such a large family function, and function well!
2) Its me or the Dog- This is another show I could watch for hours. Its so funny to watch Victoria Stillwell tame unruly dogs in a matter of minutes that owners haven't been able to tame for years! I also have learned some great training tips and I have been able to help my sister with her dogs a little bit. I'm no Victoria, but its a work in progress!
3)Little House on the Prairie- All I can say is thank heaven's for the Hallmark Channel. I love this stuff, and you're guaranteed to laugh and cry atleast once during every episode!
4) The Hills- I know, I'm pathetic, right? WRONG! They're young, single, gorgeous,and they actually get to date...I get to live vicariously through them...LOL!
5) The Bachelor- the last few couples haven't had their fairy tale ending...however, it doesn't stop me from wanting to watch the drama unfold! A new season starts in January!!!! Wooohoooo!
6) Scrubs- I am so happy that they didn't end it and are moving to ABC, I love the random Dr.Dorian Daydreams...its always good for a laugh!
7) House- I know...not ANOTHER medical drama...that is what I thought when it first came out, but I freaking love it! I love the character of House, I love that he is cynical and hilarious in the process. Its always good for a laugh mixed with some good drama.
8) Masterpiece Theater- There is nothing better than curling up on a Sunday night to watch a classic tale unfold on the screen (the fact that there are usually hot British actors has almost nothing to do with it! LOL)

8 Things that Happened Yesterday:
1) I slept in!
2) I studied for the Final from Hades!
3) I proof read essays to take to the Final from Hades!
4) I lamented with my roommate about the Final from Hades!
5) I took the Final from Hades!
6) I went to my bestie Kimmie's house and dropped off her Christmas present! She is still gushing about it...those slippers are pretty cozy...I almost kept them for myself!
7) I went to a Christmas party
8) I drove my other bestie AngieRo home after the party and we laughed a lot!

8 Things I Look Forward To
1) Driving home!
2) Spending Christmas with my family
3) Spending New Years in Twin Falls with my bestie Erica...we are totally going to rock the karoke machine!
4) Finishing my job application for BYU-Idaho
5)My Choral Conducting Study with Dr.Funk
6) Playing Mary in "The Savior of the World"
7) My Broadway music Recital
8) Graduation! Woot WOot! I'll be a Master of Music...hahaha

8 Things I love about Winter
1) Snow Angels
2) Snow Men
3)Hot Chocolate
5)Cute Sweaters
6)The look of a fresh coat of snow on the ground
7) The smell of Chimney smoke outside
8)sliding on the ice on purpose

8 Things on my Wishlist
1) To get a killer job using my degree
2)To finally find Mr.Right
3) To have lots of babies
4)To get out of debt
5) That my family will always be happy
6) That they can finally find a cure so my mom can get better.
7)To have my own house so I can have #8
8) A Puppy...either a really big one like a Great Dane or a small one like a Cairn Terrier

More Madness to come! I'll keep you posted!

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Sheena said...

britt you're insane but i love ya!! though i'm slightly offended that i'm on none of those lists.......hmmmmmmmmmmm