Saturday, December 6, 2008

Fever induced Zen

So....I'm sitting here in my office between students (some of them are taking a lot less time than they thought they would...) and I really really just want to go home and sleep for the next 20 years. All of them have remembered their lesson times so far, so that makes me feel like maybe they really care about this test which is good (or maybe they just care about the letter grade drop that I threatened if they signed up and didn't show up....either works, atleast they care.)

I am in a fever induced haze...the only thing getting me by right now is the thought that after 3 more students I can go home, crawl into bed, and curl up with my laptop to watch a movie until I fall asleep. I know that this won't happen, but its a nice thought. This won't happen because I have to teach the relief society lesson tomorrow, which should be highly amusing since I have like 1/3 of an actual voice and I have been attempting to cough up a lung for the last week! Oh well, God gave me the calling and he will help me have what I need so I can be successful, right?

The semester is almost over, and as long as I find time to re-write my opera paper, and study for the final exam, and write my annotated bibliography, and go to student juries, and administer the Voice in Class final, and buy treats for it too, and memorize the listening for the opera history final, I'll be home free. Hopefully this nasty fever induced haze won't get in the way. Hopefully this nastiness is about over!

Fevers have a way of making you zen out...I don't really care about anything right now...I just care about home, and sleep, and my bed...maybe its not such a bad thing, I could be a lot more stressed, but I don't even care. I already feel like what if I add to it by barely passing a few tests???

Ahhhh sleep...what a beautiful word...

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WrayFam said...

Girl- you need to take care of yourself. Sleep, vit C, and a warm bath are the orders from your family nurse!