Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Raylee Elizabeth Birthday Extravaganza!!!!!!!!!

Well, well, well...

Its hard to believe that a whole year has gone by already, but it has. Exactly 1 year ago today Kiersten came out of the bathroom, sat down on the couch and said " Darn it, I just left the bathroom and I think I just wet myself." (SorryKierst, but that part of the story has to be told because we can laugh about it now.) After some fancy fanagelin' we convinced her that her water had broken and that it was time to go to the hospital! Raylee Elizabeth is a year old this weekend and I've decided to pay tribute with a cheesy photo montage!!!!!!!!! (that's right, I found my camera- and its been attached to my hand ever since!)

It all started for me last night, with the cake! Kiersten and Joe had been trying to figure out what they wanted to do for a cake, they'd asked around town and it seemed like no one had what they wanted. Raylee, being almost one at the time (and officially one tomorrow!) naturally only adores two things...Bunnytown and My Friends Tigger and Pooh- both are shows on Playhouse Disney....Kiersten was telling me of their conundrum... the deduction was logical, any Sherlock Holmes type could have figured it out...but instead of Sherlock Holmes type, it was me....they need a cake, I decorate cakes...hmmmm...

Well, I agreed to do it 2 weeks ago...before I agreed to babysit for Amber so she and her husband could have a hot date...needless to say, I was home by 11:30 and I decorated like a fiend until 1:30 AM before...I was EXHAUSTED!- the sad part was that I only had about a third of the cake done! (when I say cake I mean cupcakes, we'd decided that it would be fun to watch Raylee pulverize a single confection all on her own!) However, the following cheesy photo montage will show that the horror was almost forgotten by the splendour of the final product- and notice thart I spelled splendour with a "u"- that's right, its so fancy that it gets a British spelling! (as promised, one of many...think of it as a single photo essay within a larger work...)

So, the cake was done, the day continued. We went to Sizzler for a late lunch, and shock and awe, Kiersten decided to try and see what would happen if we let Raylee feed herself. We had a mess on our hands, but Raylee started getting really really good at it! I think after she almost choked once from putting too much food in her mouth she got the idea. We went to the store and picked up the last few things that we needed for the big day. Kiersten and Joe wanted to get one more present and I needed wrapping paper.

We got back to the house and decided that a grumpy baby needed one open all her presents! We decided it would give her some energy, and oh boy did it! She would open one thing and want to play with it and scream until you showed her that there was something else to open! Once all the toys were out, Raylee sat on the living room floor and worked her way around a circle of toys, playing with each one, dropping it once she lost interest and moving on to something else.

Well, I'm sure you're al reading and waiting in dire anticipation? What about the cake? Was it pulverized? Well, here for your viewing pleasure I give you..the many faces of birthday cake! last but not least...WHEN DECORATIVE BOWS ATTACK!!!!!!!!!(Hey, I have to put a Brittany spin on things, its my nature!)

Hugs and Loves until next time!

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Tenise said...

I'm thinking about you today! I hope everything is going/went great at the temple! Congratulations!