Thursday, July 25, 2013

Little Moments

This morning has been trying. I woke up with the mother of all migraines and, instead of having the day off like he was supposed to, my sweet husband was informed yesterday that they hadn't paid attention to the scheduling and there would be no one to man the shop on the electronics side and that he would have to miss out on one of his days he had to wake up and leave me.

Of course, poor Phillie, who has been rapidly gaining teeth on the top of her gums woke up as "the Hulk". While I appreciate the chances that I get to snuggle with her when she isn't feeling well, its always hard to know she is uncomfortable, and when you add a migraine to the mix, let's just say it doesn't get any easier.

As you all well know from some of my previous posts, sweet Faith, my darling Little Diva, seems to ignore her sister and live in her own world most of the time, much to my sweet Divine Cupcake's chagrin. This morning, however, Faith has been an answer to prayers in her own way.

Poor Phillie cries every time I put her down on the ground to leave her to her own devices. Well...I had to go to the bathroom (yes, I just admitted to it, I have bodily functions...) so, unfortunately for the Divine Cupcake, I had to leave her on the ground.

Screaming commenced and continued...I came out of the bathroom and turned the corner to enter my living room just as Faith handed Phillie my cell phone. Apparently, she didn't like to listen to sissy crying and, knowing that Phillie loves to chew on it, piled up a few books so she could stand on them (I'm assuming because there are two thicker books on the floor stacked that were not there before I left for the bathroom) and grabbed my cell phone off of the piano so sissy could have it. She handed it to Phillie and went on her way to grab a new toy for herself.

A few minutes later, I went to make Phillie a bottle...crying once again commenced. Faith, like a pro basketball player, never making eye contact or hinting that she was about to do so, passed Phillie her favorite chew toy, a link bead in the shape of an airplane, and then proceeded to take Phillie's favorite car and crawl around her, pushing it on the floor to make it make sounds, as if she was trying to make her laugh and feel better.

I came out to hand Phillie her bottle, and as I got Phillie down on the ground preparing her to take her bottle, Faith walked over, looking off into space, she reached her little hand out and started to pat her little sister's head, as if trying to soothe and reassure her. She then went on to dance as "Everybody Wants to Be a Cat" came on the television screen...and was gone again. Happy in her own world.

I often find myself wondering how much the Little Diva takes in because she does seem to be in her own world so much...but today I got to see, as she worked to try to make her baby sister happy, that she is starting to understand emotions and she is watching us. Everything she did (well, besides freely giving Phillie my cell phone...LOL) was something I would have done to try to make her little sister happy and take her mind off of her aching mouth.

I am so blessed to have such a sweet, caring little girl. Slowly but surely, she is starting to reach out and show us what she is thinking and feeling.  She is beginning to show glimmers and sparks of understanding that she knows someone is sad or hurting. She is beginning to notice when something is funny and tries to be silly when she sees that someone needs to laugh or smile.

To be honest, I couldn't have pictured her doing that a month ago.

We still have our moments. She still will accidentally step on her sister and ignore her attempts to play, she still gets stuck in her own little world and focuses so intently on HOW she is playing with a certain object to notice what we're trying to show her or teach her, but every day there are more little moments that I see her reaching out and trying to communicate...With luck, we will be able to start helping her learn how to verbally communicate one way or another so that her temper tantrums will start being fewer and further between, but I will take little moments with little victories where I can.

I love my babies. I am one blessed mamma.

For good measure, here are some pictures of them the other day waiting for their daddy to get home...One thing they both seem to agree on is knowing about what time daddy should be home and that they need to wait by the door for him...

Ahhh sisters....

Hugs and Loves until next time, Darlings!

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Lisa said...

Amazing! That's so cool that faith is reaching out!