Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Writer's Block

I haven't written yet this week because, to be honest, life is pretty boring around here. I've been struggling trying to get my voice studio and photography studio up and running here...I did that one shoot and had a TON of likes to my Facebook page, but, alas, some chick here saw my prices and after I post a discount or ad in a public forum (like the yard sale and classified ads on Facebook) she immediately undercuts my price by $5-10, posting her ad minutes after seeing mine....still trying to figure out what to do...I've decided that I will wait until its warmer and do a call for portfolio models and do free shoots with 5-7 images on a disc in mini sessions and have them be all on one or two Saturdays at a pretty location here in Cache Valley. Hopefully, that can drum up some business...in the meantime, I will have 2 weddings to photograph (which I'm super excited about) and I have 1 count her ONE voice student...hopefully, my numbers will improve. I've thought about lowering my prices, but I will wait until summer. I think I may offer a summer voice lessons package or something...*sigh* the life of a stay at home mom who must do artsy things to feed her soul...LOL

Since I can't really think about much else to write about than the things that are irritating/inspiring me right now...I will give you a picture that will describe my life right now (since its worth a thousand words...)

Faith has decided that she likes being a girlie girl, she is happiest in a tutu and a necklace and Phillie has decided that teething sucks...and that's how I've been spending most of my days over the last week or two...

Oh...and the Little Diva even sits still for me to do her hair now...aren't I a lucky mommy?

Hugs and loves until next time, darlings!

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