Monday, August 20, 2012

You Know You're a Nerdy Mom When....

We've been struggling to get Faith to sleep through the night. We'd had a few weeks of success here and there, but, without fail she was waking up at least once during the night for a bottle...

Well, with my increasingly pregnant state, I found myself at the end of my the Little Diva decided that she wanted to start acting like a newborn again, waking up every 2-3 hours screaming for a bottle.

...and I'm thinking, "I love you to death, and thanks for the preview, but I need at least 1 decent night's rest before your little sister gets here."

It had to end.

I called my older sister to complain and get advice. She is a labor and delivery nurse and is pretty much my guru when it comes to all things baby.  Her reaction, "Oh no she doesn't! She's just doing it because now she knows she can. You've got to nip that in the bud."  She then proceeded to give me her sage advice...

I also had another idea, beyond her advice, that I believed would solve the problem, but it seemed so simple it was almost too good to be true.

So- we tried my sister's advice...and I got to stay up and listen to the Little Diva scream for 45 minutes before she finally gave into exhaustion. She didn't cry out again, so I suppose it worked for that night...

However, I lucked out and we had the money so we could try my plan of attack.

We moved Faith into the new crib...she is ALL OVER THE BED when she sleeps.  I swear, you check on her throughout the night and you never find her in the same position.  I also had noticed that in all her tossing and turning, she kept banging her head, hands, feet, and body against the bars of the crib.  She'd also stick her feet, legs and arms out between the bars and scream because she couldn't move the way she wanted to.

I was terrified to try crib bumpers because it had been so ingrained in me that you didn't install or use them until your baby was at least a year because they are a suffocation hazard...but I had to do something to protect her head (since she's getting to be more of a daredevil during the day...I think she will be out of bumps and into the concussion zone soon...), and to keep her pacifier inside the crib...She likes to throw it out on purpose to make me come in and take care of her.

I scoured Craig's List first and was, once again, disappointed with the finds.  Some people really need to look at what their bedding is going for BRAND NEW before they post it to sell it...seriously...I'm not going to pay for something used that I can buy cheaper or for the same price BRAND SPANKING NEW!

I started cruising websites for stores in our area and realized that it would likely be best to buy a bedding set with bumpers new.

We lucked out at a local store and found a sweet little bedding set on clearance for $40.  I wasn't sold on it, I wanted to just buy a bumper that you could purchase separate from another bedding set and some sheets...but the Little Diva will be heard...we held them up and she fell in love with Winnie the Pooh, Tigger and Piglet all delicately stitched and looking oh so was that or owls...I ended up being very glad that she picked what she did, and I think she was too.

Of course, now I have to change my nursery theme, but we haven't had time or funds for me to pick up the crafting stuff that I need yet anyway...which is just as well. Hopefully, I will be able to get it done before the new baby moves into the nursery with Faith.

I wish I'd been able to get video of her laying in her bed with all the bedding set up for the first time. She rolled around and you could tell she was lavishing in the soft, cuddly awesomeness of her new digs. If it had bedtime, I'm sure she would have gone down right then and there.

Lo and behold, the last few nights- she's slept like a log! She actually doesn't even move from the spot that she finally lands in to fall asleep...I have been up to check on her (remember- suffocation hazard...and I'm a mom, I worry about random stuff like that... she handled it like a pro)

Of course, now that she's sleeping through the night, I've been up having contractions every other hour pretty steadily (I'll contract for an hour and half or so with timeable contractions and then they stop for an hour or 2...its AWESOME....)

Its so funny how I am so excited about clearance bedding- but such is life...

What else am I excited about? What else is filling my time...

Our new cloth diapers came in the mail today.

I piled them up all neatly to take a picture of them, and then Faith decided that she wanted to snuggle up with the soft microfleece liners....of course, I had to turn it into a Kodak moment...

The company made a mistake and sent us double the order. We didn't get charged for them, so I am going to email them tomorrow and tell them about the mistake and that we will gladly pay for a 24 pack instead and they can charge us the extra $48 for the extra diapers. It will be about the same cost to ship them back to China, so we may as well keep them and get some use out of them... They're super cute, and I'm super excited to use super nerdily excited.  I even bought some in a Halloween pattern so we can use them for my upcoming favorite holiday....and you'd better bet that I'm already perusing Pinterest to find cheap/free DIY ways to decorate my house.

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday...ever since I was a little kid and my dad told me that Halloween was the world's way of celebrating my birthday a week late... (I was born on my parents' anniversary, so they went out for their anniversary and I never really got much of a "party" of my own.  My dad's birthday was the 28th of October, so he would get us a joint birthday cake. When you're 5 and your dad says that Halloween is to celebrate your birthday- you believe it, okay! Ever since then, its been my favorite holiday...even more my favorite than Christmas...)

So...that's what I'm nerding out about...I think its safe to say that in 2 years I have fully made the transition from single lady (with no one to put a ring on it...until Jeff found me...) to mamma...

(I'm also nerding out about the homecoming outfits I've made for Faith and the new cupcake, but I only want to share pictures of those when they're being worn...sorry.  I'll even consider posting a tutorial about making the no sew tutus and all about it...we'll just have to see how overwhelmed I am after the new baby gets here....)

I'm hoping that tomorrow the Little Diva will be cooperative so I can find time to finish my crafts for the Divine Miss Cupcake's newborn photos and figure out the crafts for the Little Diva's 1 year photo shoot. I have an idea of what I'd like to do, but I also don't want to spend a million, zillion dollars to do it, so I am going to see if I have stuff to use to make things as opposed to going out and buying them.

I feel so bad. I have so many wonderful tutorials and crafts I want to make and between sleepless nights and contractions I just have no motivation...I promise I'll do better darlings.

Hugs and loves until next time.

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