Monday, August 3, 2009

I'm baaaaaack

Okay....its been a long while I know, but I have been in the midst of moving and with no internet. Since I am relying on the kindness of Safeway wi-fi and others to check my email...updates have been few and far between and I apologize...

There really isn't much to report though.

I am now working as a dental office manager/receptionist...its crazy, but I love it. Hopefully, since I'm sticking around Missoula, I will be able to add opera singer to my list of things that I do for a living since I've been told that they have plans for me. Unfortunately, the opera I had been cast in was cancelled due to lack of funding.

Right now I'm just chilling like a villain, and enjoying my new apartment and roommate. Life has been pretty usual. I have managed to make it to the temple every weekend for the last month, which has been nice. I love it there, and I recognize how blessed I am to make it there every week. It finally dawned on me the other day while I was picking a name to do an endowment session for how wonderful and important temple work is... we hear it all the time, but I definitely felt it and now have a newfound desire to make it there as much as possible to do the work for the saints who are waiting for the blessings of the temple!

No guy business to report...the dating pool in Missoula Montana is as dry as a bone....the YSA group has been doing some fun things, last week we went to a Missoula Osprey baseball game and cheered louder than anyone else in the stadium...I definitely decided that baseball is much more fun if you make up your own cheers and make sure you're hoarse by the end of the game...LOL! :)

My roomie Kimmie and I have been throwing tons of movie parties and have been busy bees decorating our adorable little two bedroom abode. I actually did the artwork for the bathroom. I did a colored pencil rendering of a picture that I took in Prague and I did some pastels of Prague and Berlin pictures from the same album. Kimmie actually gave me a watercolor lesson on Saturday (she is an artist, a watercolorist no less) and we decided I'm not actually half bad. I know, its disgusting right? I get to add artist to my never ending list of "really useful skills" LOL!

Well, I have to jet. Kimmie is texting and I need to head home for some reason...I'm sure it will be no big deal when I get there...but I have been at safeway for a while...

Hugs and loves until next time!

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WrayFam said...

Oh my, I am glad you have returned for a brief second. I almost want you to go back to school, at least I talked to you once everyday then. Now, I don't so much as hear you break wind. Ahhh the sadness and pain :( Tear!!!! Well, we miss you as always and hope your summer continues to be a great one!