Friday, August 7, 2009

A Brief Happy Note


I've been really sad that my performance opportunities are going to be a lot more rare now that I am out of school...but, would you believe it? Aneta (my old office mate) and I have been commiserating and have decided to work on a collaborative recital. I am very excited about the prospects! We have decided to do a lecture recital on Les Six- a group of Six French composers that lived at the turn of the century and composed together. Most interestingly, their performances included displays of art by French artists like Monet. I think it will be awesome do to the research and find some art to put together with the pieces we do in an awesome power point presentation. Its awesome to have something to look forward to again, since the opera I was supposed to be in was cancelled. Its so exciting to know that I will get to be on the stage again.

Just a quick note, because I am bursting with excitement about it!

Hugs and loves until next time!

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Tenise said...

I'm excited that you're back! Good luck with your recital, and future opera endeavors.