Thursday, October 23, 2008

New Movie Pick

Okay, I promise a real blog, with real issues is coming, but my life is unfortunately not as glamorous as some of you would like to believe it is...My birthday is tomorrow. I have to admit that I am not excited...its time for the big 2-5! At midnight tonight...POOF! I will officially be an old maid. Life goes on, and I plan on going home to celebrate in style with my family and some Razzleberry pie! I'll post a blog and pictures all about it. Along with the blog, I will post an episode of Extreme Makeover: Brittany Edition...let's just say I'm turning 25 and I want to look completely different...stay tuned folks!

In the meantime, here is my movie pick of the week. (Amber this one is just for you!)

This is a four part (or is it six part) BBC miniseries based off of the Elizabeth Gaskell novel. I have to say that if you enjoy the GOOD version of Pride and Prejudice (we're talking the six hour Colin Firth A&E extravaganza) then you will love love LOVE this movie! Especially because the build up to the end and the climax is so satisfying. In this movie our heroine Margaret's father mysteriously decides to uproot his family and take them away from their comfortable life in the south of England to the industrialized northern part of England. Margaret ends up meeting the brooding and handsome factory owner John Thornton and, with good reason, decides that she cannot bring herself to like him. As she adjusts, she makes friends amongst the factory workers as they struggle to unionize and get better wages for the work that they do. You will be so swept up in the drama that you won't want to stop watching it. It has all the characteristics of a classic Jane Austen story with a little more grit! As this is made for T.V., there is no rating available. It is definitely in the PG category, I don't think kids would get it anyway. If you like Jane Austen movies, you will LOVE North and South. This movie is available to watch on if you're a member, if not I strongly recommend you rent it. It is fantastical!
Well, go make some popcorn...and you might want to take a shower, you could be sitting there for a while to watch this one...LOL


Rebecca said...

Girl, happy birthday tomorrow! I had to laugh when you mentioned 25 means old maid. Live it up (and by the way, it doesn't)!! I was 26 before I was married and was glad that I got to do all that I was able to before I got married. Have a great day!

Lanae said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you are able to do something fun. Enjoy your day!

Kaitlin said...

happy birthday britteny! hope you have an awesome day. miss your guts! hugs and kisses


Tenise said...

Happy (late) Birthday!! I can't wait to see your new look!