Monday, December 9, 2013

Onward and Upward

Hello, darlings!

I am so sorry I have been silent for the last few weeks, but I have had good reason.

I have been SICK AS A DOG!

However, its the good kind of sick...the growing a tiny human being kind of sick... because of the onset of waves of nausea, I had to post-pone meal planning blogs because, lets face it, in the early stages of growing a tiny human, the last thing you want to think about is cooking...or food...or about doing anything but laying on the couch and trying not to want to die because you feel so sick.

The announcement was made Facebook official right after Thanksgiving, but I realize that I do have readers that I'm not friends with yet on Facebook (why is that again?)

I'm trying to remain upbeat and positive. Please bear with me as I get through the "yucky" part of this pregnancy and into the fun part. I promise, I will start posting meal plans again soon, its just that right now, the thought of food makes me super sick still. Since my husband has been travelling a lot for work (every week he's in a new state and home for the weekend), my girls have been living on a steady diet of mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, green beans, various fruit, and other quick fix things that I can imagine being able to stomach at the time.

My super cooking, diva goddess self shall just may take a little while longer.

There will also be some changes to the meal plans as they return, and the changes may cause me to have to return to making them sooner than I would like... The short version, my meal plans will now go to being 100% diabetic friendly. Here's why:

My blood sugar levels have been CRAZY. I had a physical in October right after I found out that I was expecting again and my A1C1 levels were on the high side of normal...high enough that the physician advised me to be checking my sugars NOW in case Gestational Diabetes set in again. Early detection means a much more comfortable pregnancy, and as I have a history with GD, I took it as sound advice and began checking immediately...only to find that my sugars were far from normal.

I finally saw my new OB here in Logan on November 26 to confirm my pregnancy and told him about my sugars being weird. He asked me to keep a chart for 2 weeks and come back and we would assess where to go from there.

Well...I did as he asked, and in spite of my best efforts to change my diet, my fasting blood sugars were never normal and I had one or two high values during the day.  At my appointment today, the doc dropped a bomb...

Since I'm not into the second trimester yet (about a week and a half shy of that 12 week mark...) chances are slim that my sugars being out of whack because of GD...based on what he's seen, he thinks I may just be straight up diabetic...and since my doctor with Phillie never did a check at 6 weeks post partum to see if my sugar levels had returned to normal (patients who are Insulin Resistant and develop GD have a 50-70% chance of remaining diabetic after pregnancy) there is a good chance that I have been diabetic since my pregnancy with Phillie and it has gone untreated.

That being said, if that is the case, I have done a lot of things intuitively to keep my sugars in check in the meantime, but, once you're growing another tiny human, all bets are off and it throws everything out of whack.

I will be starting on Insulin this week, as my dose of Metformin is already as high as they will let it be....

I am TERRIFIED of having to give myself shots, but I am working on remaining positive, and I have been reminding myself that the outcome will be a healthier me and a healthy baby. I think that outcome is worth 1 shot of insulin at night, don't you?

In other news, Jeff is LOVING his job and I am down to 5 boxes that need to be unpacked, in one more month I can start working towards getting Faith into a pediatric developmental psychologist to figure out where she is on the Autism spectrum and how to best help her, and Phillie is being her usual silly self, and talking up a storm... yes, I have a little chink in my chain of happiness called diabetes, but life is great other than that. I am truly blessed.

Thank you darlings for your positive vibes, prayers and thoughts throughout this year. They have been felt and appreciated. I love you all.

Hugs and loves until next time, darlings.

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