Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Too Many Changes

My kids need to put on the brakes!

There are too many changes happening in my house and this mamma just can't keep up. I suppose tons of changes happening all at once is a blessing. It means that I don't have time to sit and be sad that they are growing up and getting bigger.

In the last month, the Little Diva has begun to walk. It was slow going. Jeff thought she would be walking sooner, I thought we had another month of her coasting along furniture...it has ended up being in between the two predictions. She is getting better at walking and now can get up to stand and walk without anyone helping her or finding a piece of furniture to pull herself up on...

You would think that walking would be enough for this kid, but you're wrong...

No, she now insists on feeding herself and gets very testy if what she is eating isn't the same as what mom and dad are eating. There is no tricking this kid either. Last night we had pizza from Little Caesars... I was trying to keep her away from the pepperoni...I gave her a bowl of Spaghettios. She happily chomped on them, until she looked over and saw the pizza...she then started dumping her bowl out and tried to throw it on the floor as she whined. I cleaned her up, insisting in my head that if she didn't want to eat what I gave her, then she could just have a bottle and go to bed...well she walked over and whined as daddy took a big bite of his pizza slice...we caved and let her eat bites of the cheesy parts and finally Jeff gave her a crust to gnaw on...and then another (this kid has an appetite!)

If that wasn't enough...she found some crayons and a coloring book that her Grandma Nielson had given her (we were saving it for until she is older because, at the time, she just didn't get it...), she brought them to me. I sat down on the floor and tried to show her how to color again...she picked up a crayon and started lightly marking the pages with various colors....it was just too much!

Let's add to that the developmental milestones of the Divine Cupcake...she now smiles...at EVERYONE and EVERYTHING...and she is my little piggy (literally, she makes little piggy grunting noises when she is hungry). Everyone comments on how small she is, but compared to Faith at this age, she is a gargantuan!...This morning I made the sad realization that its time to pull out the 3-6 month clothes...I only convinced myself to put the newborn stuff away last week!

In short, this mommyhood thing is going all too fast.  I admit with sadness that my girls are growing, but then there is that part of me that is cheering them on as they learn how to do new things.

Faith is getting to be so "fun", for lack of a better word.  She still isn't talking but is very expressive with her gestures and loves to play. She thinks that I am the funniest person on the planet and laughs every time I even remotely attempt to be silly...I work my hardest to remember these little things because one day I know she will think I am lame and embarrassing...and it seems like that day is coming all too soon.

I guess I just need to find a way to stop time from moving forward...gee, where is Einstein when you need him? (I'm sure there are several moms out there that would love to hear if I figure that secret out...) In the meantime, all I can do is try to take pictures (mental and on my camera) to remember these little moments that are so full of wonder for two special little spirits.

Hugs and loves until next time darlings...

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