Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Time Flies

Sometimes I really, really wish that new babies didn't put their parents into a sleep induced stupor. There is so much going on and there are so many changes that are being made, it almost feels like you blink and you miss it.

On 4 days my baby will be 1 month old...Considering that she wasn't supposed to be here until 3 days ago this is quite a feat in and of itself...

Let's just say that this is a pattern in my baby's life- she wants to do things early.

For example, by the time she was 3 days old she was already trying to lift her head on her own- a feat she had accomplished by the time she was a week old. The sad thing, I don't even realize when she officially lifted her head all by herself for the first time. I was in such a sleep deprived haze that all the days seemed to mold together and all of a sudden, there was my baby lifting her head all by herself!

Sunday, while I was taking a long nap, my husband was watching her and decided to give her some tummy time- what does my child do? She proceeds to roll over from her tummy to her back! And because once just wasn't enough, when my husband decided to put her back on her tummy after she'd rolled over she decided to give him an encore presentation and SHE DID IT AGAIN!

I was pretty bummed I missed it...we've since placed her on her tummy again, and she tries to show my her new trick but doesn't quite get there. P.S> she has been rolling onto her side from her back since she was about a week old, I did see her roll from her back to her belly the other day, so maybe that counts as seeing her new trick?????

I was completely bummed because I lost my camera, I have been quickly realizing that I need to capture all this cuteness before it disappears amazing husband found it for me on Saturday.

In other words, I vow that the next blog I post will be filled with cuteness!

In other news, Jeff's new employers read our minds and gave our contact information to a realtor that they use to find housing for their employees and she seems really nice. Here's hoping we can find a place...and money to pay for said place...LOL

Hugs and loves until next time

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The Winbergs said...

ok Brittany we are holding you to it, we want to see some cuteness lol. Sorry to hear that it's going so fast I know the feeling it feels like yesterday i had Kairi and now she is 3! on other notes that is great news about Jeff's new job! :D