Monday, January 31, 2011

In giving you receive...

Alright, so here goes. My friends are all doing it, I figure its time to jump on the bandwagon.

I have been eager to give back to my friends and family who give so much to me. Now here is the chance.

I promise to send something homemade to the first 5 people who leave a comment here. If you're not someone I see on a regular basis, then you will need to email me your address. My email is:

I know, I'm a married woman now, I should change it. But it would be such a hassle since all the faculty in the music department at ISU already has my email listed as the one above. It is my goal to change it this summer, I promise.

My friends that are doing this are also leaving the condition that you must post on your blog, facebook status, or twitter that you will do it too....

I will leave that up to you, your conscience and you crafting abilities...It could even just be a construction paper card, though...just a thought.

I have some big things on the horizon (maybe I will be brave enough to post more later on that) but in the mean time, I promise all my friends that comment that it will get to you sometime in 2011. I will even warn you when its coming!

Hooray for crafting. This should be fun! :)


Rachel G said...

Woohoo! I've had tons of my friends do this but I never make the cut! Can't wait to see what you come up with :)

Amber Wray said...

Since I'm your sister do I count? Will you send me something crafty and fabulous? Hope so! You know my digits and my address! :)

Meikjn said...