Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The attack of the killer dead week (random thoughts)


I'm getting sick...

Finals are next week, I'm supposed to sing on Friday for a the Stake High Council Christmas party and with the Idaho State Civic Symphony Chorale, and I have a 34 page paper to revise, a 10 page paper to write, and French to finish memorizing.

I also had the worst performance of an art song that I've had since my Freshman year of college husband did wonders for my wounded pride when I got home though, and, to share some words of wisdom I received from premiere Baritone at the Met Richard Zeller this summer, "You're too afraid of making mistakes. You need to make mistakes Brittany. Don't be afraid of making a mistake. We make mistakes so we can learn something new and get better." (P.S. This has been my mantra since June when I had a lesson with him and he said this to me.)

What did I learn from my horrible performance yesterday? A) I am getting sick...not such a good revelation, but it was an important one since I've been denying it... and B) Ms.Lane still loves me even when I mess up, as do my I guess I don't have to be perfect all the time. I can now commence with Schlumpadincka Thursday without fear of reprisal...LOL...

My body couldn't possibly pick a worst week to revolt.

Part of me wonders if this is the universe's way of telling me, its queen, that I deserve some down time with my husband. He is finished with finals. (Lucky!!!)

My finals week should be fairly uneventful. If I can just make it through my jury on Monday, I give this cold full permission to take over my body, but not a minute before!

Funny thing about my engagements this Friday...

Symphony Chorale thing should take a max of 10 minutes to get through but I may end up waiting for an hour before we actually get to sing...ahhh the joys of call time

and as for singing for the High Council Christmas party...I have to laugh that I was never asked to do anything like this until I got married...I have a theory about that, but I'm not so sure I want to share it....suffice it to say, it is an honor to be asked and I am grateful for awesome friends like the amazing Tonya Branson who is going to accompany me for my literal 15 minutes of fame...literally, they asked me for 15 minutes of music...3-5 songs and I am done and out of there...I must remember to make Tonya cookies or something like that (see how domestic I'm getting?)

This morning was a terrible horrible no good very bad morning...but looking to the sunny side of things, I may have been late getting out the door, but I got to kiss my adorable husband before I left, I may have had to walk all the way around the PAC to get into the box office to go to work, but outdoor exercise can be hard to come by at this time of year right? I may be getting sick, but atleast I made it through my wedding, and other important events like the choir concert last Friday before it took hold (I had my conducting debut on the stage at Jensen Grand Concert Hall...I was pretty proud of myself and my husband said that I looked like a pro!)

All things considered, life is hectic but still pretty darn good.

That killer dead week can continue to attack, I think I will remain steady and not fall on my bum, and even if I do, at least I have people there that are willing to pick me up.

Hugs and loves until next time darlings!

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