Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Time is such a funny thing.

Someone, at some time devised a way for us to split it into increments so that we could plan our days.

To this person I say: Bless you! (although sometimes I want to curse you...why couldn't you put more than 24 hours in a day and make fewer days in the week...more time to sleep and play...but alas...)

I am a control freak. I own it. I accept it. I embrace it.

One thing that I do when I find myself stressed is write a list of what I need to finish in the day and write a timeline for how long I will give myself for each task.

It half worked yesterday...

Yesterday was an interesting day.

The wind was blowing, I got hit in the head by my car door atleast 3 times in the morning. I was running errands before class and I would open my door to get out of my car, try to step out, only to have my car door hurled at my head and my now aching foot that it slammed shut on.

This set the tone for the day, and all day all I wanted was to see Jeff, but there was just NO TIME...

It was frustrating. I flew from errands, to class, to work, to choir rehearsal (which did NOT go well at all, for anyone. I was frustrated because I would sing a line right the first time but when it came to isolate said line, I would be wrong...) I just couldn't win.

My big plan for last night was to get every box moved up to the new apartment. I wanted Jeff... I needed him. My day was in the dumps and I just needed to see that classic happy to see me smile and a big hug to make my throbbing head seem to throb a little less.

I called and called after class, but no had been a while since I'd had a terrible horrible no good very bad day, and this was shaping up to be one.

I started packing DVDs.

There are two things in this world that immediately destress me:

Baking and Cleaning- and since packing falls somewhat under the cleaning category I could feel the weight lifting slowly, ever so slowly off my shoulders.

Then my phone rang. I had to throw boxes to find it buried on my bed. It was HIM...the day was instantly brighter. He needed me to come pick him up. I shifted the half filled box of DVDs to the floor and dug for my keys *they too were buried under piles of boxes and clothes.*

I got to the building where I needed to pick him up...he was in a suit...BONUS...and then came that smile. He got in the car and I almost started crying because I was so happy to see him. He kissed me, I kissed him...then I bit my lip, made my puppy dog I missed you face and he kissed me again. He laughed and told me I was ridiculous...he always tells me I'm ridiculous. I own that too. I love being ridiculous, especially when he makes me that way.

We went up to our apartment so he could change out of his suit (darn...) and then decided to go to D.I. before more packing commenced to see if we could find a love seat. We found one, an oldie but goodie and bargain priced at $30...but couldn't find anyone to come help us haul it to our place. (Hopefully tonight we will have better luck in the finding help department, we really, really need a couch of some variety.)

We went back to my current residence. I put on a movie in my room (I have to have white noise while I'm performing menial tasks, otherwise I go insane from the monotony.) Jeff had never seen it before (we were watching Wild Hearts Can't be Broken- a Disney masterpiece from my youth). He sat and watched the movie in my comfy dish chair while I packed. He would pull me down into his lap from time to time, I would watch a portion of the movie with him, he would tickle me, and then I would be up on my feet as quickly as I could be to pack some more.

I wasn't quite finished packing, but I was hungry, and realized that this would be the only night available for our date night...

Time=GONE...because really, I can find quick moments to pack what's left and quality time with the people I love is far more important to me.

So, I'm a control freak...and my timeline up until this point in my life has usually been the one thing that keeps me going through the day.

I guess that is one beautiful thing about love. It has made me realize that there is always time, especially when you are doing the things that you know you should and want to be doing. You just have to know how to budget it, and what investments will be wise.

Time with Jeff is always a good investment, because I always get so much more than I give, and even more importantly, I don't feel like I need to control anything, I can relax, let time pass and have faith that even if my entire list didn't get completed, there will always be time tomorrow.

And tomorrow will always be beautiful if you have people in your life to support, love, and help you.

P.S.> Another note on time: 3 days! It took forever to get here, but flew so fast!

Hugs and loves until next time darlings.

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