Friday, March 20, 2009

Can you Feel the Power??? I thought I should take this opportunity to blog a little bit and share my testimony with some of you. I have been struggling the last few days with a rapidly disappearing voice...this is usually no big deal, I usually forge ahead and hope that things come back to normal if I am careful...but this time there has been so much more at stake....

I am currently involved in performances of The Savior of the World...last night was opening night and I had absolutely no voice. I went to go pick up my friend Angela last night...we were halfway to the church and she said "Gee, you're quiet." A Baritone frog responded "Gee, I wonder why..." Angela's face got that funny oh boy, here we go look. She stared at me and asked "What are you going to do?" I shook my head and fought back tears, the baritone frog once again replied "I guess I'll have to ask for a blessing."

The rest of the car ride would have been silent, but I was fighting back tears and I needed I turned on some John Barrowman (he's my future husband, he just doesn't know it yet...all I have to do is go to London and turn him shouldn't be too hard, right?) Angela laughed as I lipsynched to her and did a little interpretive dance behind the wheel as I drove...( I seriously wonder what people think of me as they drive past...I don't do crazy things like that when I'm alone, but when I'm with Angela we tend to get a little nutty...I wonder if it makes people smile to see two girls dancing in the front seat of a 1990 Chrysler Dynasty, not caring if people can see it or not... hmmmm....)

We get to the church, I park and get out of my car. As we walk towards the cast entrance, Jenny Johnson's husband (Jenny is the stake activities chair, she put the entire show together) calls out to us from the window of his truck "How's the voice?" He knew I was losing it the night before during rehearsal...once again I fought back tears and gave him a thumbs down. This is really one of those situations when Heavenly Father makes sure that we have what we need. Through my steadily approaching tears, I grumbled, once again as a baritone frog "I think I need a blessing, and in a bad way." He smiled and said "Sweet, lets get that taken care of right away!"

I went into the church, changed into my costume and Brother Johnson and Brother Tarver came to find me. We stealthily snuck into the High Council room (if the director had seen us wandering the halls before the performance we would have been toast!) and those two amazing priesthood holding men laid their hands upon my head and exercised the power of God. I was crying the minute they laid their hands on my head. I knew that everything was going to be okay...and then, gradually...the baritone frog began to disappear, and right before I went onstage I felt almost normal...

I want to bear my testimony about the power of the priesthood...its REAL! I know that God has foreordained worthy men to hold this power and use it on the earth. I know that last night, without this power, I would have been embarrassed, humiliated, and sad that I wasn't able to do my best for the stake and for the people who had come to feel the spirit last night by watching depictions of the Savior's birth and resurrection. God is good, and he always makes sure that if we have the faith, we will be blessed with what we need to make it through. The priesthood helps. I know that through my faith and the worthiness and faith of those wonderful men last night, I was healed and I was able to go out and give a performance that the Savior himself would have been pleased to watch. I also know, that through continued faith in that healing blessing, I will be able to make it through the next 3 performances and that I will continue to get better.

When you're single, you forget how nice it is to have the priesthood readily available. I sometimes feel like a burden when I have to call and ask for a blessing, its not like it is at home at all. However, I know that worthy priesthood holders have been given a huge responsibility and part of that responsibility is answering the call of those in need. I am so grateful that Heavenly Father makes sure to place in my path people who are willing to answer the call when I need them. I am so lucky and fortunate to have the comfort of knowing that God will not leave me alone in my problems and that he will always make sure there is someone there to watch out for me.

I have one request...make sure to thank all the worthy priesthood holders in your lives. They give so much and carry a huge responsibility on their shoulders. We are so lucky to be blessed to have them in our lives. Give them a big hug and thank them for their continued worthiness and willingness to use that sacred power to effect our lives for good!

Hugs and Loves until Next time...Red Diva OUT

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