Sunday, February 8, 2009

True Love's Phrase

Okay...So I dabble in poetry every now and again. I normally keep it to myself in my journal because its very personal. However,I feel like I should share this one with my friends. I should give you a little background. I was sitting in Sunday School today (I'm in the Marriage and Family Relations Class...I know perfect for every single gal, right? LOL) and my Bishop and his wife were talking about true eternal love and intimacy...They asked us to think of a couple that we knew that exemplified eternal love. My mind immediately went to my grandparents. On July 11, 2007 I had the honor of being in the room as my grandpa was called home to our father in heaven, and I remembered that the only way we knew he was gone was because when my grandma pressed her lips to his, he no longer had the strength to kiss her back. I sat there, in my mind, awestruck by this thought. He must have been so weak, and he used every last bit of strength he had, to kiss my grandma whenever she would put her lips to his. It was on that day that I knew that this was the kind of love I wanted, a lasting love, where in the end, a simple gesture like a kiss was all that was needed to convey the many years of affection and gratitude for sharing in life's journey. As I was lost in this thought, Sister Piippo said a phrase that immediately got me into a poetic state of mind. I immediately started writing the poem in my head because of a few simple words that she said. Here it is...please be gentle...I don't share often:

Hollywood would have us believe
that love is expendable and fleeting.
But true love means so much more
with it comes a phrase that needs repeating:
not ahead,not behind,
but holding hands, side by side.
When you're young
and you meet your first sweet love
nothing can go wrong, the world is a song
but you notice as you walk life's path
that one walks ahead the other chases
wishing to be out of love and its races.
Because of this fact it doesn't last very long
but it teaches you to find forever.
You continue your journey along the path
wondering if you'll ever meet
that smile, that laugh
that person to make you feel complete.
Then one day,it happens!
You're awestruck they fit.
You decide to walk together a little bit.
But you notice they stand a bit behind
Afraid of their future and what they might find.
You bid them adieu and leave them alone
and continue your walk, your heart turning to stone.
What you seek for seems impossible to find
is it too much to ask for, this simple phrase?:
Not ahead
Not behind,
but holding hands,
side by side.
Then, out of the blue
you're suprised to see
waiting there all along
was your true friend and confidant
the thought of eternity without them just feels wrong.
You work and you walk through life's woes
always remembering
you need to be on your toes.
Don't fall behind, don't walk ahead
Just stay here by my side
Together we'll walk hand in hand
In our accomplishments together
we will take pride.
Years later, your children are grown
you've passed the worst of life's tests its true
then one day, the path meets a fork for one
you double take and realize its you.
You look to your partner for most of life's journey
and tears begin to fill your eyes as you say:
I have to go ahead,
I hate to leave you behind
but I'll see you again someday.
Your eyes close
You kiss their lips
You look your one last look and sigh
Your path takes you home
but you take comfort and know
that soon they'll be with you again by your side.
Life isn't chocolate and roses fair
its a test
its hardthis is true.
but find a companion
with love so rare
they'll keep walking the path with you.
As you fall in love and wait for covenants sweet
remember my dears
that a relationship can be only as good as the position of your feet.
Not ahead
Not behind
but holding hands
side by side.


Kaitlin said...

Britteny, that was so sweet. You really captured our grandparent's love for one another. I'd cry but that make me seem girly (and I don't wanna hurt your feelings, it's just you don't want to get girlyness and me in a room together,i wouldn't stop and i'm more of a tomboy anyway). Also, write me somtime on my blog. I like to hear from you.

Tenise said...

I'm so glad you shared! I'm going to send a copy of that to my husband! He'll love it too! Thanks!

The High Family- said...

Love ya girl. Hang in there. You have so many wonderful things in store for you. I just know it!!! We need a girls night when you come home next.