Monday, September 1, 2008

Not much to report

I figure its Labor Day and while I have the time, I might as well update everyone...My life is back to boring and normal (except for the puddle of water leaking from the upstairs apartment onto my bedroom floor) I did go and take some headshots at my friend Kimmie's studio the other day, here are a few pieces of photo vomit for everyone to enjoy...

Right now, I'm at a goodbye party for my friend Kristen, she left...sad day...but the party is still going strong. So, why am I in the library at the Institute with my computer typing away instead of partying it up? Here are a few good reasons:

1) ITs 6:30 PM, I've been here since 1...lets just say I'm getting a little partied out!
2) There is a cute boy sitting across the table from me doing his homework (hey, I like any nature lover like to stop and take time to enjoy the scenery ;)...)
3) I'm kind of mad at someone in one of the other rooms because he is kind of a confusing jerkface (no, its not my ex-fiance, but it IS his best friend...) I know... I sure know how to pick 'em right? and of course, TMI!

I've ben doing Karoake, Rock Band, Guitar Hero, and Dance Dance Revolution all day- this girl is SPENT! Just think, tomorrow I get to get up early and go to school- OH joy of joys! I Really should go get some dinner, my blood sugar is NOT happy right now (yes, my blood sugar now has human emotions, I've decided that it does- so THERE!)

Enjoy the headshot deliciousness!

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WrayFam said...

Hang in there! Boys just suck in general. Ignore this boy ever lived and set your sites a little higher. Raise the bar. You are worth it! We love you and miss you!