Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Preschool Planning September 19-24

Hey friends! I know I am behind on tutorials from last week, and will have a few to post from this week. Be patient with me. We are digging out from the lovely beginning of the Autumn Yucks (colds, tummy bugs). Doesn't it always seem to go that if mom is down, the house isn't far behind? Here are the lesson plans that I've started for this week. You will notice I decided to spend a few more days with last week's number, letter and shape. I really felt like Phillie needed it. If you are following and find that your kiddo seems ready to move on, don't be afraid to comment here or contact me and I will help you figure out how to get the first two lesson plans for this week to work for a different letter, number, shape, etc.

Day 1: Practice sorting colors and counting to 3 as you make paper bead necklaces. If your child is ready, you can throw in a pattern as well. This one does take a little bit of prep time to make the beads. I made them myself as I found that them curling construction paper for our bugs' antennae was difficult for them. However, it goes fast, and I promise, I will make sure to post a tutorial for how to make the beads. All you need is some glue and construction paper.

Have a #3 hunt outside (I went outside and had the kids bring me objects. I asked for things like 3 leaves, 3 sticks, 3 berries, etc.) We also took some time to write #3 on the sidewalk with sidewalk chalk and have a bear hunt. The song is above. Have them sit in a circle and pat their legs as they sing. You can add actions like putting your hands up to your eyes for binoculars, swishing arms or rubbing hands together for swish, etc. My kids had a blast and decided to spend some more time outside hunting bears and singing the song together.

Kid Science: Make Lava Lamps! This one is easy and has big effect. You can talk about how some things have more density than others, teach them the definition for density (ie how heavy it is) . It also make s a huge impact. You just need an empty water bottle, fill it about a third of the way with cooking oil and then pour water mixed with food coloring over the top and Shake, shake shake... You don't need the alka seltzer unless you want it to move on its own. it works fine just shaking it. Glitter is also optional. Find instructions HERE

Day 2:
Make Handprint Birds (start by asking them to remember the sound B makes and letting them try to think of things that start with B)  I made homemade fingerpaints for this project. That recipe can be found HERE or watercolors will also work.

We made Butterflies again out of the #3 (since my kids love butterflies) They were made kind of like stained glass and hang on the windows. I used the same paint from our previous activity and some wax Paper. I traced their Number 3 with a sharpie and let them paint inside it however they wanted. You can always do traditional mosaic/stained glass material by using tissue paper glued to some sort of base, but I was trying to be thrifty, and while this doesn't have the same effect, its easier than helping kids glue a thousand pieces of tissue paper. LOL Tutorial to come.

Three little Kittens poem. Make kitten face masks using string, paper plates, construction paper and glue. Help your child see how they can make a mouth for their kitten mask using the number 3 on its side. Once the masks are made, have the child act the nursery rhyme out with you.

Day 3: Beginning the Letter D, shape Continued study of the Circle addition of the Triangle, Number 1

Read I'm a Dirty Dinosaur , introduce the Letter D. Let kids be "dirty dinosaurs" and write the letter D in some flour on a plate.
Have pre-prepped Letter D's and necessary attachments cut out. Help them glue and make a Dirty Dinosaur of their very own. If they want to , let them decorate the body of the dinosaur using markers, paints, etc. tutotial HERE

Trace #1 on paper with playdough.

Day 4: read Dirty Dinosaur again. Let the kids pick a piece of construction paper and help them make a dinosaur tail out of a large triangle. Help them cut out circles of another color to glue onto their tail and let them put some glue down and sprinkle things like flour or dirt and other items to make it dirty. Attach it to some string so they can tie it around their waists and wear it.

Start science project for next week. Cover some raw eggs in vinegar. Talk about how fertilized eggs have ONE baby. that these eggs are not fertilized, and you will get to see what babies that  live in eggs eat so they can grow later on. Add some food coloring to the vinegar if you would like the egg to be colored. More on this next week. Be sure to put them in a place they won't be disturbed.
Have precut eggs waiting. Help them glue it onto another piece of paper. Have them write a #1 and then Let them draw any kind of animal that they think grows in an egg. Remind them that there is only ONE baby in the egg.

Happy learning. darlings.

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