Monday, February 11, 2008

R.I.P Madd Kids Jumpster (December 24, 2007-January 13, 2008)

It is always sad when we have to say goodbye to a beloved family member, especially one that had touched our lives for so short a time...but we move on and try our best to fill the void in our lives...

On December 24, 2007 the Madd Kidz Jumpster was born...blown up in the basement of the new owners Austin, Macee and Addie Wray. It was preceded in death by several other toys of no notable worth.

Countless hours of joy and excitement were found during its short life....I think that young Addie said it best when she stated "Jump mama, jump! (giggle giggle)"

It was a slow death, agonizing if you really think about it. After several holes were made in the seams it was all downhill, as the life and ability for countless hours of enjoyment slowly leaked from the vital part of its being...

Rest in peace our dear dear Madd Kidz Jumpster...we will always remember the moments of joy, excitement and cardiovascular workouts that you delivered to all who came in contact with you....below are some memories of your short life for all to enjoy.




goatstew said...

brittany love! I was excited to learn you had a blog, because I just created one, and now we can know what's going on in eachother's lives! I'm about to have a baby! Go see my blog!

WrayFam said...

I love the tribute to the jumpster. The kids were sad so we replaced the dead jumpster with a new one for Addie's birthday. You introduced the kids to something they can't let go of.